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Smabat Super One Latest Flagship Earbuds Available Now

Smabat Super One Latest Flagship Earbuds Available Now

This is a lit week for Earbud lovers. Just a few days back Astrotec announced a limited edition variant for their award-winning Lyra Nature earbuds, today Smabat has announced its latest flagship pair of earbuds, meet the Smabat Super One. It features a newly designed linear duct structure, a large 15.4mm powerful dynamic driver unit with biological composite diaphragm material producing a powerful bass response and ultimate clarity with the pair. Smabat Super One is available with a price tag of 298$, check out more details here.

Smabat Super One-1


>Specially developed 9mm*1.5mm linear duct structure.

>Powerful 15.4mm large dynamic driver unit.

>Biological composite diaphragm material.

>Professionally designed acoustic cavity.

>Exquisite looks.

>Bundled with two cables, one 3.5mm single-ended and another 2.5mm balanced.

>Impedance: 100 ohms @ 1kHz.

>Sensitivity: 115dB.

>Frequency response range: 10Hz-22kHz.

>THD+N: <0.08%@1kHz.

Smabat Super One-2

Redesigned Acoustic Structure:-

Studying over their successful Smabat ST10s earphones, Smabat has redesigned a new acoustic structure for the flagship Super One earbuds. They have a 9mm by 1.5mm linear acoustic tube within a labyrinth channel and linear resonance catheter. These provide a stable mode of conduction for the sound waves with high accuracy and speed.

Smabat Super One-3

Powerful Performance, Powerful Driver:-

Smabat has equipped the Super One with a large 15.4mm dynamic driver unit. It has a specially designed biological composite diaphragm unit that produces a powerful sound quality output with a fast bass response and crisp clarity throughout a wide frequency range. With the help of the resonance effect of the linear channel, the sound output of Super One has an excellent lower-end response.

Professionally Designed Internal Acoustic Structure:-

The specially designed acoustic linear duct structure is parallel to the sound wave radiation of the powerful driver unit. It enables the pair to produce exceptional performance with punchy bass response.

Smabat Super One-4

Geometric Perfection:-

According to the professional engineers at Smabat, the Super One earphones are their most concise acoustic engineering achievement. This is the most effective application of labyrinth acoustics engraved with the highest level of Smabat technology, presenting a beautiful Helmet logo on the face panel of the earpieces.

Smabat Super One-5

Pricing & Availability:-

Smabat Super One Flagship earbuds are available to purchase from our store with a price tag of 298$. Order yours today!!

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