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Sivga 006 Wooden Headphone 2020 Variant Launched!!

Sivga 006 Wooden Headphone 2020 Variant Launched!!

Sivga has updated its Sivga 006 walnut wood headphone with the latest 2020 variant. The new model has a shorter headband as compared to the previous model. It has ear cups made completely of Walnut Wood. The headphone features a 50mm large-aperture driver unit on each side producing energetic sound output. It has 180-degree swiveling earcups that make the headphones comfortable, easy to use, and easy to carry. The latest Sivga 006 2020 edition comes with one detachable cable with mic and remote control. Previously the earlier version came with two cables, one with mic and one without. The headphone is priced at 132.86$, check out more details here.

Sivga 006-3

About Sivga:-

Sivga is China-based audio equipment manufacturing brand. They build quality products at affordable prices. The brand specializes in making wooden headphones and earphones. They have a wide range of products to choose from, product range starts from approx 30$ and goes up to 400$ with the Sivga P-II open-back planar driver headphones.

Features of Sivga 006 2020 Walnut Wood Headphones:-

> High-Quality Original Walnut Wood Ear Cups.

>180 Degree Rotatable Ear cups.

> High-Quality cable with mic and media control keys.

>Large 50mm Driver Unit.

>Powerful Energetic Sound Output.

Unique Build with Walnut Wood:-

Sivga 006-1

Sivga 006 2020 has a rich build quality, the ear cups are made up of high-quality original walnut wood material with Sivga logo on the center. Since wood has different textures every unit of Sivga 006 looks unique with a unique texture on the ear cups. Ear cups are very comfortable with leather cushions. The headband is made up of quality metal with leather cover. The build is strong and sturdy, it adds to the rich sound quality of the pair.

Deep Powerful Sound Quality:-

Sivga 006 2020 has a 50mm large-aperture driver unit on each side. It produces a powerful sound output with crisp clarity. Bass has deep impactful characteristics, vocals sound natural with crisp details, and the highs section is smooth and bright with beautiful instrument imaging and wide soundstage.

Lightweight Design, Rotatable Ear cups, Comfortable Fit:-

SIvga 006 2020 has a lightweight body with 180 degrees rotatable ear cups. It features aluminum alloy slider, to adjust the ear cups. The headphone is very comfortable for long music sessions with a lightweight design, it is very easy to use and carry thanks to the rotatable ear cups.

High-Quality Cable In The Package:-

The headphone is bundled with a high-quality cable with mic and media controls. It has a 3.5mm termination plug. Previously with the previous Sivga 006 model, it uses to come with two separate cables one with mic and one without but the latest model comes with a single cable with mic and media controls.

The Sivga 006 2020 provides a powerful sound output with unique looks, thanks to the Walnut wood construction. It is very lightweight, easy to use, and easy to carry. You can grab this awesome headphone at out store for just 132.86$, check more details here.

Changes from the previous Sivga 006 model:-

Sivga 006-3

Both the variants have no difference in the sound quality output, but the brand has changed the design a bit and excluded some items from the package. The previous model used to have wooden ear cups with a metal plate in the center, the latest model has a designer look with Walnut wood ear cups. It looks more attractive and eye-catchy now with simple and elegant looks. It has a shorter headband providing a better fit and wearing experience for the users. The drawback with the latest model is they have excluded the without mic cable from the package, plus they have also removed the airplane adapter and 6.35mm adapter in the 2020 variant.

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