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Simphonio RX10: Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Composite Three-Layered Diaphragm

Simphonio RX10: Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Composite Three-Layered Diaphragm

Simphonio, the famous brand behind the flagship Dragon 3 earbuds and VR1 IEMs has launched its latest single-dynamic driver IEMs, the Simphonio RX10. RX10 is a premium flagship-grade single dynamic IEM that features a powerful 10mm dynamic driver with a composite 3 layered diaphragm. The pair utilizes an N52 high-grade neodymium magnet that helps the driver to work efficiently. Simphonio is known for its outstanding craftsmanship, the same is reflected with the latest RX10 having a turbine-shaped stainless-steel chamber implanted inside a 3D-printed ergonomic shell design. Simphonio RX10 is officially launched at 640$, you can check out more details here.

Simphonio RX10-1


>10mm Dynamic Driver with Composite three-layered diaphragm.

>Graphene+PET+PU coated diaphragm coil.

>High-Sensitivity N52 neodymium magnetic architecture.

>Turbine-shaped Stainless Steel cavity.

>3D-printed ergonomic ear shells.

Experience High-Resolution Sound With A Specially Developed Composite Diaphragm:-

Simphonio has developed a 10mm dynamic driver for the RX10. The special thing about this dynamic driver is its composite diaphragm. The diaphragm coil here is made with three kinds of materials, Graphene+PET+PU. Graphene material is known for its high conductive, thin, and lightweight nature. This composite diaphragm helps the pair produce a highly detailed performance across a wide frequency response range.

Simphonio RX10-2

Highly-Sensitive Driver With A Powerful Magnetic Flux:-

RX10 here utilizes a high-grade N52 neodymium magnetic architecture that produces a powerful magnetic flux for the driver unit. It helps the diaphragm coil to have swift movement inside the cavity, achieving high sensitivity with the pair.

Stainless Steel Acoustic Chamber:-

RX10 has a turbine-shaped stainless-steel acoustic chamber implanted in a 3D-printed universal hard shell. This unique design ensures the pair maintains high-quality sound performance without sacrificing comfort for its users. The pair has an exquisite, premium design with premium PVD coating and Natural Nacre Inlaid Lids on the outer shell. RX10 is available in two different color options, White and Black(and it looks beautiful in both of them).

Simphonio RX10-3

Supremely Comfortable Fit With Ergonomic Ear Shells:-

Simphonio has designed the ear cavities for RX10 based on a deep professional analysis of huge ear canal data. The pair has been designed in order to provide a supremely comfortable fit for most of its users and at the same time provide a high level of isolation from the surrounding noises.

Price & Availability:-

Simphonio RX10 is launched officially for just 640$. It is available to purchase with our store, order yours today!!

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