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Shuoer X HBB EJ07M Lava Edition: Limited Edition Tribrid IEMs

Shuoer X HBB EJ07M Lava Edition: Limited Edition Tribrid IEMs

LETSHOUER, also known as Shuoer Acoustics released the EJ07M a while back. The pair came as a mass-produced version for the EJ07, improving its treble response and coming at a lower price point. LETSHOUER has collaborated with HBB(Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews) for a special EJ07M Lava Edition. It has the same driver array as the OG EJ07M with improved tuning based on suggestions by HBB. Mainly, they have adjusted the tuning in the mid-bass region improving its presence while maintaining a rich midrange and detailed treble frequencies. Shuoer EJ07M Lava Edition is launched officially for 619$, check out more details on the product page here.

Shuoer X HBB EJ07M Lava-1


>Collaborative Tuning With HBB(Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews).

>All-new Lava Red Carbon Fiber Face Plates.

>Seven driver tribrid configuration(4 Sonion EST+Dual Sonion BA+Single DD).

>Ergonomically Designed Stainless Steel Cavities.

>Comfortable To Wear.

>Detailed & Engaging Sound.

>High-end 6N OCC Cable.

Technical Specifications:-

>Impedance: 19 ohm.

>Sensitivity: 107dB.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-30kHz.

>Distortion: 0.5%.

>Connector Type: Standard 0.78mm.

>High-Purity OCC Copper Cable.

>Available in Single-Ended 3.5mm/Balanced 4.4mm Terminations.

Shuoer X HBB EJ07M Lava-2

Tuned In Collaboration With HBB:-

HBB(Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews) has years of expertise in reviewing HiFi audio gear. He has helped Shuoer in tuning the latest EJ07M Lava edition. Mainly, the pair have got slight adjustments in the mid-bass section. According to HBB’s words, the new EJ07M Lava has more energy in the drum kits, bass guitars, and male vocals while maintaining the clarity of midrange and extensions of the treble frequencies. The new EJ07M Lava is aimed at listeners who prefer good weight to the notes while being clear on the midrange.

Customized Red Fiber Faceplates:-

The OG EJ07M was available in either multi-color faceplates or carbon fiber faceplates. Shuoer has designed the latest EJ07M Lava edition faceplates with a flaming red carbon fiber face panel giving the set an extra-ordinary look. The pair has a fine frosted finish with CNC Milling processes, the cavities are well-finished and are smooth to touch.

Shuoer X HBB EJ07M Lava-3

High-Purity Cable:-

Shuoer bundles the EJ07M Lava edition with a high-purity 6N OCC cable. It has ultra-low resistance to the audio signal, the output is transparent and lively. It has standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors for easy connection with the earpieces. Users can choose their preferred termination plugs between 3.5mm single-ended or 4.4mm balanced while making the purchase for the EJ07M Lava Edition.

Seven Driver Tribrid Configuration:-

Shuoer EJ07M Lava houses a seven-driver tribrid configuration per side. The pair features four Sonion EST drivers, dual Sonion balanced armature drivers, and a 10mm CNT(Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm) dynamic driver unit per side. This is the same configuration as the Original EJ07 and Original EJ07M.

Shuoer X HBB EJ07M Lava-4

Price & Availability:-

Shuoer X HBB EJ07M Lava Edition is available to purchase with us at 619.00$. Check out more details here.

Shipping Policy:-

1) 【Express】 FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide, 

2) 【Premium】5-8 Days , FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duties are prepaid by HiFiGo 

3) 【Priority】 1-2 weeks , All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo. 

Europe 30 Countries, FREE shipping on $300+.

US/CA/JP/AU/KR/MY/TH/VN/SG/PH, FREE shipping on $100+.

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