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Shuoer Tape Pro Latest Electrostatic Dynamic Driver IEM Released

Shuoer Tape Pro Latest Electrostatic Dynamic Driver IEM Released

Earlier this year Shuoer Acoustics amazed the world by releasing an Electrostatic Dynamic Driver IEM at budget-friendly prices with the Shuoer Tape. The pair bagged a lot of positive feedback for its interesting sound quality output. Following the success of the same and working on the feedback from the community, the brand has now released an updated version called the Shuoer Tape Pro with better ergonomics and adjustable bass structure. It utilizes a similar Electro-stet dynamic driver combination just like the previous model which consists of a low-voltage Electro-static driver joined with a dynamic driver unit achieving low-distortion, quick frequency response, and unmatched detailing in the output. Instead of the traditional MMCX connectors on the previous gen, the latest Tape Pro features more sturdy 2-pin connectors. Check out more details here.

Shuoer Tape Pro


>Electrostatic Dynamic Driver Units.

>Adjustable Bass Design.

>Ergonomic Build with high-quality Aluminium Material.

>Universal 2-pin Connectors.

>Premium Balanced 2.5mm Cable.

>Impedance: 16Ω.

>Sensitivity: 105dB/mW.

Adjustable Bass Tuning:-

Shuoer Tape Pro-2

Even though the tuning is perfect on the Shuoer Tape Pro, one can adjust the bass as per their liking. This tuning adjustment is achieved using the brand-new conduit structure where the pressure inside the acoustic structure is adjusted by different screws on the faceplate. It lets users adjust the bass performance as per their preferences.

Composite Electrostatic Dynamic Driver Units:-

Just like its younger brother Shuoer Tape, the latest Tape Pro features high-performance Electrostatic Dynamic Driver Units. They offer impeccable sonic performance with high-resolution clarity, outstanding detail retrieval, ultra-low distortion, and excellent instrument separation. Thanks to this Composite driver unit, the Shuoer Tape Pro outperforms its competition with its brilliant audio performance.

Ergonomic Design:-

Shuoer Tape Pro-3

Based on the feedback from the community, Shuoer has customized the cavity in Tape Pro to deliver a better fitting IEM with improved noise isolation and ergonomics than the previous gen. The included cable has a pre-shaped over-ear hook design to ensure a firm fit for long music sessions. The earpieces are made with a high-precision CNC machining process using high-quality aluminum alloy material.

Detachable 2-Pin Cable:-

The community raised several issues with the MMCX connectors on the Shuoer Tape. Shuoer Acoustics has addressed those issues with improved 2-pin connectors. They offer a firm and sturdy connection between the earpieces and the cable. The included cable has a balanced 2.5mm termination, the package includes a 2.5mm-3.5mm connector.

Shuoer Tape Pro-4

Same Price, Improved Performance:-

The latest Shuoer Tape Pro has got the same pricing as the previous-gen Shuoer Tape at 129$. But it improves on the performance with better dynamics, quicker bass, beautiful mids, and better detailed, smoother treble frequencies. If you are looking for an IEM with outstanding performance at budget prices, the Shuoer Tape Pro can easily be your next pair. Check out more details here.

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