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Shuoer Soloist Latest Liquid Kevlar Driver IEM Released!!

Shuoer Soloist Latest Liquid Kevlar Driver IEM Released!!

Shuoer gained the trust of audiophiles with its brilliant performing EST IEM, the Shuoer Tape. Since the success of the Tape, the brand has released many more products that received a good response from the community. They have released a budget EST pair Shuoer Singer, flagship EST pair Shuoer EJ07, and Now they are releasing an all-new pair of in-ear monitors with Liquid Silicone Kevlar drivers, the Shuoer Soloist. It is another budget-friendly pair from the brand, available in two colors, black, and orange. The pair is available for only 159.99$ at our store here. Shuoer has been bringing good quality products at budget-friendly prices so we have good expectations from the Soloist. Let’s know about it more now.

Shuoer Soloist-1

About Shuoer:-

Shuoer is a China-based earphone manufacturing brand, they gained a lot of popularity with their entry-level IEM, the Shuoer Tape. The Tapes featured an EST driver and provided a sparky powerful sound output. The brand has since then continued to bring the consumers good quality IEM’s at pocket-friendly prices.

Technical Specifications of Shuoer Soloist:-

>Liquid Silicone Kevlar Driver Unit.

>Impedance: 32±2Ω

>Sensitivity: 105±1db

>THD+N: 0.5%±0.2%

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-30kHz.

>Connector Type: 0.78mm 2-pin.

>High Precision 3D printed Resin Shells.

Innovative Latest Driver Technology:-

Shuoer Soloist-2

The Shuoer Soloist features the latest driver technology in the audio field using a liquid Kevlar silicone driver unit. The driver is made up of liquid kevlar material, Kevlar is a very strong material, it provides an incredibly fast transient response, excellent sensitivity ratings produces a powerful, fast, and energetic sound output with low power consumption.

Rich Crisp Sound Output:-

Shuoer Soloist-3

The pair provides a lively sound output with natural texture and tonality. Bass is impactful with deep body slams, powerful sub-bass region, transparent natural vocals, and an airy treble portion. The sound output is musical and fun, suiting with every genre of music.

Exquisite Design & Super Build:-

Shuoer Soloist-4

The earpiece in Shuoer Soloist looks brilliant. They are made with high-precision 3D printing technology using a high-quality resin material. The pair has an exquisite design with black shells and a colored designer faceplate. Build quality is tough, strong, and durable with lightweight aesthetics making it comfortable to use.

High-Quality Cable:-

Shuoer Soloist comes with a custom 6N OCC copper cable with a 0.78mm 2-pin connector type. It is made with high-quality copper as the main wire material as it provides a smooth and warm texture to the sound output. It provides a distortion-free audio signal transmission from the source to the earpieces ensuring the users get the best of the sound clarity output.

Shuoer Soloist-5

The Shuoer Soloist seems to be a powerful pair of in-ear monitors, and as the previous record from the brand goes we are having good expectations with this pair. It is priced at just 159.99$, and you can read more about it here.

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