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Z REVIEW x LETSHUOER Z12 Planar IEMs Start Pre-order on 22th July

Z REVIEW x LETSHUOER Z12 Planar IEMs Start Pre-order on 22th July

LETSHUOER stormed the IEM market with the S12 Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs, bringing an impressive performance at a pocket-friendly price. The pair got many positive feedbacks from users worldwide. In order to take the legacy of S12 forward, LETSHUOER has collaborated with Zeos from Z Reviews, a widely-renowned HiFi Audio gear reviewer. Based on Zeos’s suggestion, LETSHUOER has designed a brand-new Limited edition variant for the S12 which will be called, “LETSHUOER Z12”. Over the years Zeos has gained the trust of audio enthusiasts from all around the globe. He has a lot of experience with gears from both the budget to the top-tier price segments.




Based on Zeos’s suggestion, the tuning of Z12 has been adjusted with a 2dB gain under the 50Hz frequencies improving the sub-bass response of the S12. Other frequencies are kept the same, but with enhanced sub-bass response the pair shows better body throughout the frequency range. S12 is known for its tight, punchy bass response with clear midrange and nicely-detailed treble response. The latest Z12 will retain all those characteristics and will have a better, punchier rumble in the sub-bass region.


LETSHUOER and Zeos have featured Red and Blue ear shells for the Z12. The pair will have Red shells for the right side, and Blue shells for the left side. Both the shells will have a laser-engraved Zeos logo on the faceplate. Each set of Z12 will have its own unique number between 001-500. The number is engraved on the cavities.


HiFiGo conducted a poll  for finalizing the preferred termination by the users. Most users voted on the 3.5mm single-ended plug. So, the brand has finalized a 3.5mm single-ended cable with the Z12 Package.

Pricing & Availability:- 

With only 500 units made available worldwide, the Z12 will debut on 22th July 00:00 EST for pre-order through HiFiGo. The latest Z12 will have an improved sub-bass response that will result in an overall rich sound experience for the users. The MRP of LETSHOUER Z12 will be 169$, for the first 100 units, there will be an early buyer discounted price of 149$.

For just another 10$, you can also grab a balanced 4.4mm cable or neck strap along with the Z12. You can also avail a complete bundle of Z12(stock 3.5mm cable)+4.4mm balanced cable+neck strap. Check the product page for more info on the same.

Following the official announcement of Z12 by Zeos on his Youtube Channel, There will be a giveaway of 3 units of LETSHUOER Z12 Zeos Edition through Gleam. Participate from the link here or  below. ( Giveaway from  July,22,2022 to  August,7,2022)  

HIFIGO & Z Reviews Letshuoer Z12 Giveaway!

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