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Shuoer EJ09 Latest Hybrid Driver Flagship Earphone Announced

Shuoer EJ09 Latest Hybrid Driver Flagship Earphone Announced

Shuoer Acoustics is one of the renowned brands in the industry for their quality in-ear monitors, especially their entry-level budget EST driver pair the Shuoer Tape Pro. But the brand is not only limited to the budget segments. The brand has a highly appreciated EJ07 flagship pair of in-ear monitors housing a premium hybrid driver setup. Shuoer Acoustics have now announced their latest flagship, an upgrade to the EJ07, called the Shuoer EJ09.

Meet The All-New Shuoer EJ09:-

Shuoer EJ09-1

Shuoer EJ09 is the latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors to lead their product range with class. It comes as a direct upgrade to the EJ07. The EJ07 used to have a seven driver hybrid setup(Quad EST+10mm DD+Dual BA), the latest EJ09 features a premium 9 driver hybrid setup(5EST+3BA+1DD) on both sides. Users can choose between two different termination options while purchasing the EJ09, 3.5mm single-ended or 4.4mm balanced termination plugs. The EJ09 is available to pre-order from our store at a price of 1260$, the pair is available in 11 different faceplate options.


>Premium Hybrid Driver Setup.

>Five ElectroStatic Drivers Each Side.

>Three Balanced Armature Drivers Each Side.

>One Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Custom Facepanel Options.

>Available in 3.5mm Single-ended/4.4mm Balanced termination options.

>2-Pin 0.78mm Connectors.

Flagship Performer:-

Carry your flagship-grade audio performance everywhere with you!!! The Shuoer EJ09 is a flagship-grade IEM with quality HiFi acoustic performance. The pair features premium ergonomic ear shells housing a 9-driver hybrid setup on each side. The pair performs exceptionally well with superb extensions at both ends, rich punchy bass, natural vocals, and an airy soundstage. Your music will not only sound detailed, but it will also sound lively, immersive, taking your musical experience to an all-new level.

Shuoer EJ09-2

Premium Electrostatic Drivers:-

Shuoer is a master of EST drivers. EST(Electrostatic) is a premium driver that was previously found in high-end Headphones only as they used to require serious amounts of power for proper functioning. From the past few years, technology has advanced at a rapid rate, brands have now started implementing the EST technology in the small IEMs. Shuoer has already shown their proficiency with EST drivers with the Tape, Tape Pro, Singer, EJ07, all these have received many positive feedbacks for their quality detail retrieval. With the inclusion of five EST drivers on each side along with three BA and one DD driver, expect an improved, excellently detailed audio output with the flagship EJ09.

Different Termination Options:-

Users can purchase the flagship EJ09 in two different termination options. One is a single-ended 3.5mm termination that will support your hi-res players, smartphones, and other sources. Another one is the 4.4mm balanced termination option, which supports hi-res players and DAC/AMP systems with a balanced 4.4mm headphone output option.

Multiple Facepanel Options:-

Users can choose between a total of 11 different face panel options according to their preferences. All of them look outstandingly beautiful providing a premium and rich look to the pair.

Shuoer EJ09-3

Price & Availability:-

The Shuoer EJ09 has a price tag of 1260$, it is available to pre-order from our store here. Shipments will begin shortly.

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