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Shanling Sono Three-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Dual Coaxial DD & One Customized BA Driver

Shanling Sono Three-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Dual Coaxial DD & One Customized BA Driver

Over the years, we have seen a great evolution in the In-Ear Monitor category. Brands have always brought new and innovative driver configurations to bring something new to the table, but sometimes it’s a simple DD and BA combination hybrid setups that do the job. Today, we are welcoming the all-new Shanling Sono, a three-driver hybrid setup designed with a coaxial dual Dynamic driver and a high-performance BA driver combination on each side. Shanling as a brand is probably one of the oldest brands in the HiFi audio industry from China. They have a huge catalog of products ranging from Portable USB DAC/AMPs to digital audio players, and in-ear monitors. The Sono is the latest edition to their ever-growing catalog of products!!

Shanling Sono-1

Shanling Sono is launched at a pocket-friendly price of just 76$, you can check out more information over here.

Shanling Sono has a dual-dynamic driver arrangement to accompany the BA driver. This coaxial driver setup houses a 6.8mm LCP diaphragm midrange driver and a 9.2mm bio-diaphragm Bass-frequency driver. Both the drivers work alongside a custom balanced armature driver unit that is tuned specifically for crisp high-frequency response. All these drivers work in harmony and produce a strong sound presentation that is high in resolution and crisp in detail. The dynamic drivers here adopt high-quality HCCAW voice coil. The pair has a strong magnetic assemble designed with a three-magnet structure that increases the sensitivity and also enables the drivers to have a smooth working environment. Shanling Sono delivers impressive clarity and a strong lower end which is complementing the other frequencies.

Shanling Sono-2

Sono has two different sound profiles. It is achieved using swappable nozzle filters on the pair. We have balanced sound tuning with the black ring nozzle and warm, bass-emphasized tuning with the Red ring nozzle filter. The pair itself has an exquisite build quality with premium zinc-alloy metallic ear shells. They are hand-polished to achieve a smooth, glossy finish. Shanling Sono has a replaceable cable design with 0.78mm 2-pin connectors. We have high-purity silver-plated single-crystal copper cable with 3.5mm termination. It’s a well-built cable with metallic components and gold-plated plugs and connectors.

Shanling Sono-3

Shanling Sono takes you on a journey of clear sound with strong bass and adjustable tuning options. It is very well-built and the driver configuration is solid for a pair that is priced under 100$, you can order yours today for just 76$. Check out more details here.

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