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Shanling MG800 Latest Flagship Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Titanium Shells

Shanling MG800 Latest Flagship Single Dynamic Driver IEMs With Titanium Shells

In the huge catalog of products that Shanling offers, the recently launched “MG” series is dedicated to the design and development of premium single dynamic driver IEMs. The series was introduced earlier this year with the release of “MG600”, a highly-successful single DD IEM from Shanling. Today, Shanling introduces the second and the latest flagship single dynamic driver IEM, presenting the all-new Shanling MG800.

Shanling MG800-1

Shanling MG800 is launched officially for 899$, you can check out more information over here.

For the latest “MG800”, Shanling has designed a brand-new 11mm dynamic driver unit. It adopts a high-quality DLC(Diamond-Like Carbon) plated diaphragm coil. Shanling says that the driver utilizes a dual N48 magnet concept and produces a powerful magnetic flux allowing the diaphragm to move swiftly and produce clean performance. This new driver also features an ultra-fine Daikoku Voice Coil for unmatched performance.

The driver is enclosed in a 5-axis CNC machined ear shell crafted using aviation-grade titanium material. Shanling has treated its latest flagship pair with a semi-open back design allowing for natural diffusion of sound waves inside the cavity. This results in a cleaner sound, spacious soundstage presentation, and comfortable fatigue-free long listening sessions. If we follow Shanling’s own words, “Our engineers have decided to use a flexible driver suspension, to eliminate any unwanted vibration between the driver and the ear shells, working further towards a cleaner presentation”.

Shanling MG800-2

MG800 has been tuned for a balanced and lively sound presentation. The pair delivers deep, soulful bass response, clean, rich vocals from the lovely midrange, and fast, detailed, inoffensive treble frequencies. Shanling has professionally tuned the set to deliver unmatched clarity, a wide soundstage, and a detailed sound that allows you to enjoy your music with an ultimate pleasurable experience. On top of this balanced presentation, Shanling also includes three sets of tuning nozzles, that users can replace and adjust the output a bit to their liking.

MG800, the ultimate single-dd flagship set comes with a high-purity Furukawa stock cable. Shanling has featured an octa-core hybrid cable with 6 cores of monocrystalline copper and 2 cores of silver-plated copper materials. The cable has MMCX connectors and a modular termination plug system. Shanling has included 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm terminations in the package.

Shanling MG800-3

Shanling MG800 is the latest flagship single DD monster from the trusted house of Shanling. The previously launched MG600 is still in the hearts of many audiophiles, and we are pretty sure the MG800 will also make a place of its own among the other flagship Single DD IEMs in the market. The launch price of Shanling MG800 is 899$, you can check out more information over here.

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