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Shanling ME500 Shine Latest Triple Driver Hybrid IEMs Announced

Shanling ME500 Shine Latest Triple Driver Hybrid IEMs Announced

Today, we have got a new entry among the beautiful “ME” series of excellent earphones by Shanling Audio, meet the all-new Shanling ME500 Shine. This is actually a redesigned variant for the famous Shanling ME500 but with newly designed ear cavities. Shanling ME500 Shine features premium high-density brass cavities housing a triple driver hybrid configuration consisting of a 10mm Nono-coated dynamic driver and a composite dual Knowles balanced armature unit. The outer body has a platinum plating that provides the pair a shiny finish. Shanling ME500 Shine has a price tag of 349$, check out more details here.

Shanling ME500-1


>Premium Triple Driver Hybrid Configuration.

>10mm Carbon Nano-Coated Dynamic Driver.

>Knowles Composite Dual Balanced Armature Drivers.

>High-Density Brass Cavity.

>Shiny, Lustrous Finish.

>Independent Catheters.

>A.C.P.C Cavity Pressure Management Technology.

>Silver-Plated Copper Balanced 4.4mm Cable.

>High-Purity Monocrystalline Copper 3.5mm Cable.

>Upgraded JX-MMCX Connectors.

>Comfortable Fit.

>Impedance: 16 ohm.

>Sensitivity: 112dB.

>Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz.

>Weight: 12g.

>Hi-Res Audio Certified.

Shanling ME500 Shine-2

ME500 Redefined:-

With the Shanling ME500 Shine, Shanling redefines the famous ME500 model with high-density brass cavities and a shiny platinum-plating on the outer shell. The ME500 Shine brings the best from the house of Shanling in terms of design and performance.

Experience The Power Of Triple Driver Hybrid Setup:-

Shanling has designed a triple driver hybrid configuration for the ME500 Shine. The pair is equipped with a 10mm carbon nano-plated dynamic driver tuned for the lower end and a composite Knowles TWFK-30017 dual balanced armature driver unit tuned for the mid and high frequencies. The pair features independent copper catheter tubes that effectively reduce distortion in the output signal.

Shanling Me500 Shine-3

A.C.P.C Front Cavity Pressure Management Design:-

Shanling ME500 Shine adopts advanced A.C.P.C(Anterior Cavity Pressure Centralisation) front cavity internal pressure integrated design. The double-guided structure reduces low-frequency resonance and enhances the low-frequency response with the pair.

Two High-Purity Cables:-

Shanling ME500 Shine is a premium product in Shanling’s lineup. The pair comes bundled with two different high-purity cables, one is a silver-plated copper cable with balanced 4.4mm termination and the other is a 3.5mm single-ended monocrystalline copper cable. Both the cables have upgraded JX MMCX connectors for a firm connection.

Shanling ME500 Shine-4

Comfortable & Firm Fit:-

Shanling ME500 Shine earpieces have an ergonomic design that allows the earpieces to sit firmly into the ear covering the entire ear canal. With different ear tips included in the package, we are pretty sure the ME500 Shine will provide a comfortable fit for most users.

Make The Shanling ME500 Shine Yours:-

Shanling ME500 Shine is available to purchase from our store for just 349$. Considering the premium build and exceptional sound quality, the ME500 Shine has an attractive price tag. Check out more details here.

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