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Shanling ME200 Goes on Sale since 10:00 of Oct,25th | Hifigo

Shanling ME200 Goes on Sale to International market since Dec 9th | Hifigo

Shanling mid-end earphones ME200  finally goes on sale officially to the international world since Dec 9th, 2019 at US$ 179.99. 

ME200 Hybrid earphones adopt a dual-magnet 10mm dynamic driver and Knowles balanced armature driver. The high-performance balanced armature drivers are from renowned company Knowles. Shanling worked directly with Knowles' acoustics team on the implementation of these drivers, to assure perfect integration alongside dynamic driver for the most coherent sound. That way dynamic driver provides powerful and natural bass and midrange, while a pair of balanced armature drivers adds clarity, speed and extension for upper midrange and treble.  

Shanling ME200 1

Shanling ME200 hybrid earphones come with octa-core silver-plated oxygen-free copper wires. More thickly coated modified MMCX connectors if ME200 that can withstand inserts four times better than standard connectors. Such MMCX connectors are gold-plated, and Shanling says if they are damaged they can be easily replaced. 

The headphones also come with Glass + metal combined housing with DLP 3D printing technology. Shanling ME200 hybrid IEM comes with five different colors, purple, black, grey, blue and red. The variants of the colors are all printed on the box cover in the wash painting style which brings us a warm feeling like its sound. 

Those living outside China can order it from Hifigo.com at US$ 179.99. 

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