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Shanling Majestic 12-Driver Tribrid Flagship IEMs

Shanling Majestic 12-Driver Tribrid Flagship IEMs

In pursuit of excellence, Shanling Audio has come up with its latest flagship IEMs, introducing the all-new Shanling Majestic. Shanling is a reputed name in the hi-fi audio industry. We have seen them developing as one of the top brands in the industry with an exclusive range of products covering everything from portable USB DAC/AMPs, IEMs, Digital Audio Players, etc. The latest Majestic is special in every single possible way. We have an excellently designed 12-driver tribrid configuration on each side, exceptional looks with Rosewood face covers, and a rich set of accessories as well. Prepare your senses to explore a whole new dimension of awesomeness with the Shanling Majestic, the ultimate flagship IEM.

Shanling Majestic-1

Shanling Majestic is launched for $1799, you can check out more information over here and can also book your unit as well.

Shanling has confidently developed the Majestic with a 12-driver tribrid configuration. We have dual 10mm dynamic drivers with high-quality liquid silicone diaphragm, six high-performance customized BA driver units, and four highly-resolving electrostatic drivers. The drivers are arranged together in a four-way frequency crossover. The Dual DD units produce a powerful, deep-diving lower-end that reaches deep and produces a strong sub-bass rumble with a solid mid-bass slam. There are four BA drivers for the midrange and mid-high frequencies producing exceptional details with perfect timbre and tone for vocals and instruments. For high-frequencies, two BA drivers produce exceptional resolution and clarity. The four EST drivers from SONION produce clearer ultra-high frequency extensions. Are you ready to experience your favourite melodies with unimaginable clarity and the rich tone of Shanling Majestic??

Shanling Majestic-2

Shanling Majestic features dual tuning switches. These switches help adjust the Bass response where turning switch 1 brings bass boost to the equation. The second switch works on EST drivers, turning switch number 2 off will turn the EST driver off, and turning it on will bring more details, and enhance the resolution with an added high-frequency boost through the EST drivers.

Shanling Majestic-3

Just like its name, The Shanling Majestic has got luxurious, premium look and feel. The pair is crafted with great brilliance. We have solid Rosewood face covers that have gold-plated patterns inlaid into them. The shell material here is medical-grade resin offering great comfort for everyday carry and use. Shanling bundles the Majestic with a premium handmade cable. This cable is made using high-quality monocrystalline copper silver-plated wire cores arranged together in 8-strand 18-core configuration in a coaxial Litz braided design. It adopts standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors along with a 4.4mm balanced termination plug. Shanling also includes high-quality accessories including a premium quality carry case and packaging box with the Majestic along with a bunch of ear tips.

Shanling Majestic-4

Shanling Majestic brings quality performance with its 12-driver tribrid setup offering great sound with full comfort and a premium build quality. The Majestic is launched just today priced at $1799. You can get yours here.

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