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Shanling M3X Latest Firmware V1.4 Update Released

Shanling M3X Latest Firmware V1.4 Update Released

Shanling has released the latest Firmware V1.4 for its latest M3X Android Music Player. The update adds the Replay gain feature to the Shanling Music App. It also brings USB Output Volume Lock Setting functionality to the player. Users can now also turn off the screenshot function with the Firmware V1.4 update. Earlier a few users also reported issues of M3X crashing while being used in USB DAC mode, which is also corrected in this update.

Shanling M3X-1

Shanling M3X is the latest Android digital audio player from Shanling. It shares design and looks with that of the current flagship M8 in the Android music player lineup of Shanling. Shanling has equipped it with high-quality components such as dual ES9219C DAC chips, FPGA technology, DS Oscillator clocks, and many more ensuring exceptional performance. M3X also supports full 16X MQA decoding along with DSD256 and PCM 32/384kHz PCM decoding support. It has garnered a lot of positive feedbacks under its sleeve with its wonderful sound performance, exceptional build, and an attractive price tag of just 339$. Know more about the M3X here.

Shanling M3X-2

Changelog with Firmware Update V1.4:-

>Adjusted system setting structure.

>Added Replay Gain function to Shanling Music Application. (“Gain” item in app settings).

>Added USB Output Volume Lock setting.

>Added option to turn off screenshot function.

>Fixed issue causing the device to crash when used in USB DAC mode.

>Improved DSD and MQA playback.

>Other bug fixes.

Shanling M3X-3

Updating the Shanling M3X:-

Shanling M3X firmware can be updated with two methods: first offline and second OTA. Before beginning make sure your device is fully charged.

Offline Upgrade:-

>Download the firmware file from here.

>Copy downloaded .zip file into the root folder of the internal memory(Without unpacking the .zip file).

>Open the “Support” app(Purple light bulb icon).

>Click on “Update”.

>Choose “Local Update”.

>Locate the zip file.

>Confirm install, wait until the device updates and restarts itself.

Over-the-Air(OTA) Firmware Update:-

>Make sure your M3X is connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

>Open the “Support” app(Purple light bulb icon).

>Click on “Update”(might be “Upgrade” in an older version or in other languages).

>App will search for a new firmware update, you can choose from one of the two servers, the download will begin.

>When fully downloaded, confirm installation, and wait until the system finishes its update and restarts itself.


Note: If the latest version of firmware is already installed, the player will show the notification and stop the update.

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