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Shanling Launches H2: High-Performance USB DAC/AMP With CS43198 DAC Chipset

Shanling Launches H2: High-Performance USB DAC/AMP With CS43198 DAC Chipset

Shanling is a well-recognised and prominent name in the hi-fi audio market. They need no introduction since they are one of the pioneer brands in the industry. Today, we are delighted to launch their latest product, the Shanling H2. Shanling H2 is the third product in the recently launched “H” series of portable USB DAC/AMP and Music Players right after the widely successful H7 and H5. Shanling H2 is a pocket-friendly device in the series designed for everyday use and enjoyment. The H2 brings a pure Hi-Res architecture with a 32-bit CS DAC Chipset, Dedicated Amp circuitry, XMOS USB Processor, and Wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, all these at a budget price of just $169.

Shanling H2-1

Shanling H2 is a fantastic product designed with high-quality audio chipsets. It shares the same core architecture as with the H5 and H7 just a trimmed-down version to match the pocket-friendly price bracket as well. Shanling H2 is available in two beautiful colour options, Silver and Black, available for $169, you can check out more details here.

Shanling H2 houses Cirrus Logic’s CS43198 high-performance 32-bit DAC chipset. It is combined with an XMOS XU208 USB processor for quality USB Signal processing. It enables full support for 32-bit PCM and native DSD signals. Shanling H2 also supports high-definition wireless Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity for signal input. It supports LDAC, AAC wireless protocols for smooth and stable connectivity and high-definitional bitrate transmission. Shanling H2 supports local music playback with a microSD card slot supporting microSD cards of up to 2TB capacity. You can control the media playback using the Eddict Player application on your smartphone.

Shanling H2-2

Shanling H2 supports both single-ended and balanced headphone connections with its 3.5mm+4.4mm headphone output ports. With low output impedance from both ports, pair your favourite set of IEMs or Headphones with the Shanling H2 easily. Shanling H2 has a dedicated SG-Micro amp section promising a strong output with a maximum power rating of 680mW@32Ω of impedance load. Shanling has redesigned the design for the H series with the H2. It now has a compact and lightweight design with the Volume wheel integrated into the main body of the device. This simple change has made the design of the H2 handy and portable.

Shanling H2-3

Shanling H2 features a 1” colourful display screen that showcases various device settings, playback settings, etc. It houses a 2100mAh high-capacity battery with a rated battery life of up to 12 hours. Shanling H2 is an amazing device that brings you great sound in a compact and versatile package. This standalone device supports a USB DAC/AMP function, Bluetooth DAC/AMP function, and a local music player function. Enjoy your favourite melodies with the amazing performance of the Shanling H2, Grab yours today for just $169. Check out more information here.

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