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Shanling Launches All-New EA5 Plus Desktop All-in-One Streamer, DAC, and Amplifier!!

Shanling Launches All-New EA5 Plus Desktop All-in-One Streamer, DAC, and Amplifier!!

Shanling needs no introduction among audiophiles. Shanling is actually one of the oldest brands in the HiFi audio industry in China. They are known for their exclusive range of products featuring Portable USB DAC/AMPs, Portable Audio Players, IEMs, etc. Recently, Shanling has come up with a new product, introducing the all-new Shanling EA5 Plus all-in-one desktop Network Streamer. The EA5 Plus comes as a successor to the EA5 with new audio architecture and promises overall improved sound characteristics.

Shanling EA5 Plus-1

Shanling EA5 Plus is launched officially for 980$, check out more details here.

The EA5 Plus features AKM’s highly-trusted AK4493EQ DAC Chipset which helps in achieving clear 32-Bit sound signal decoding with a rich, lush sound tone. It enables decoding for high-resolution audio signals including 32-Bit/768kHz PCM, native DSD512, and 8x MQA unfolding as well. Shanling has implemented AKM’s famous DAC with a separate power-supply design for clean and rich sound performance.

Shanling EA5 Plus-2

Shanling EA5 Plus is a standalone device that can be used as a network streamer or as a stereo amplifier, or as a headphone amplifier as well. It comes with a closed and customized Android that supports leading streaming services such as Apple Music, Tidal, Qobuz, Deeper, etc. EA5 Plus features a high-power 100AS2 ICEpower stereo amplifier that provides a strong output thrust of 100Wx2 @ 4Ω of impedance load. The EA5 Plus also has a powerful headphone amplification section made up of OP+BUF chipset. The headphone section is also quite strong with an output power rating of up to 570mW @32Ω of load.

Shanling EA5 Plus has multiple signal input options. This includes a microSD card, USB input, etc. It also has two-way Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the users to feed the signal to the EA5 Plus using a wireless Bluetooth connection. Two-Way Bluetooth allows for further connecting wireless headphones or other Bluetooth devices. The EA5 Plus supports leading wireless protocols including LDAC, AptX HD, etc. Shanling’s Eddict Player application which is available on both iOS and Android devices allows you to take complete control of the EA5 Plus from your smartphone or tablet. You can use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control for the EA5 Plus.

Shanling EA5 Plus-3

Shanling EA5 Plus supports AGLO(Android Global Lossless) technology. It bypasses Android’s processes for the audio signal and ensures pure sound with different applications on the device. Shanling EA5 Plus is a strong device. It’s a standalone single device that can be used as a DAC, as a Streamer, as a complete stereo amplifier with built-in DAC, or simply as a headphone amplifier!! Shanling EA5 Plus is now available for an attractive pricing of 980$, check out more information here.

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