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Shanling AE3 Latest Triple BA Driver IEM Released

Shanling AE3 Latest Triple BA Driver IEM Released

Shanling has been a leading brand in manufacturing high-quality audio gears. They have a huge product range, ranging from IEMs to DAPs across different price segments. Shanling AE3 is the latest triple driver pair of in-ear monitors from the brand featuring three Sonion Balanced Armature units on each side. The pair features beautifully crafted premium earpieces made with high-precision 3D printing techniques. Faceplates are made with solid stabilized wood with a glittery starry pattern on it. The pair is priced at 169$, another great pair at under the 200$ price range to give tough competition to the FiiO FH3, BQEYZ Spring 2, Shozy Rouge, and others.

Shanling AE3-1


>Three Sonion BA units on each side.

>High-precision 3D printed shells.

>"Starry Sky" Stabilised wood faceplates.

>Quad-core SPC cable.

>Triple layered polishing and painting.

>Impedance: 26Ω.

>Sensitivity: 110±3dB.

>Frequency response range: 20Hz-40kHz.

>3.5mm termination plug.

>Universal 2-pin 0.78mm connectors.

Unique Looks with “Starry Sky” Faceplates:-

Shanling AE3-2

Inspired by the beautiful work of artist Van Gough, Shanling has carefully selected the Faceplates for the AE3. They have a glittery brushwork look representing the night starry sky. Each unit of the AE3 has different unique looks thanks to the unique texture of the stabilized wood. They undergo three layers of polish and resin painting to produce a crystal clear and smooth surface.

3D Printed For Perfect Comfort:-

Shanling has studied a database of ear scans to produce a universal fitting smooth design. The shell is made using high-precision 3D printing technique producing smooth, lightweight earpieces with a perfectly secure and comfortable fit.

Premium Driver Units:-

Shanling utilized premium balanced armature drivers from Danish company Sonion. They have an experience of over 40 years of making high-quality audio gears including in-ear hearing aid and in-ear monitors. Their driver units are utilized in many HiFi audio gears from reputed brands like Fearless Audio, BGVP, QOA, and now Shanling.

Shanling AE3-3

Smooth & Detailed Sound Signature:-

Shanling AE3 is tuned with utmost perfection to provide a smooth and detailed sound signature. It produces a deep impactful bass with beautiful lush vocals, and well-extended treble frequencies making this pair adequate for different genres of music well.

Premium Quad-Core SPC Cable:-

Shanling AE3 comes bundled with a premium quad-core Silver-Plated Copper cable. The cable effectively improves the mid-high frequency performance and detail retrieval. Making music crisp, punchy, and enjoyable.

Hi-Res Certified:-

Shanling AE3 has received Hi-res certification from the Japan Audio Society. It can deliver ultra-high frequencies of up to 40kHz filling the minutest of the details in your music with life.

Shanling AE3-4

Price & Availability:-

Shanling AE3 is priced at 169$. With a premium built and driver configuration, it looks to be priced very competitively. It is available to order from our store, check out more details here.

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