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See Audio x Tangzu Shimin Li Encounter Edition: Four New Updates over OG Shimin Li!!

See Audio x Tangzu Shimin Li Encounter Edition: Four New Updates over OG Shimin Li!!

In the past few months, we have seen plenty of collaborations between brands and famous reviewers, today we are proudly launching the latest collaborative project that is different from all the projects that you might have witnessed today. This time around we have got two established brands in the industry coming together to create a product that promises quality performance at an attractive price point, presenting the all-new See Audio x Tangzu Shimin Li Encounter Edition. Shimin Li from tangos Audio is a highly-acclaimed pair of single-dynamic driver in-ear monitors. The pair was known mainly for its accurate tonality when it comes to delivering mesmerizing vocals. It actually had a mid-centric approach for the sound which attracted many listeners. With the latest Shimin Li Encounter, we are getting a new diaphragm for the dynamic driver, a new tuning profile, new cable, new looks, etc. that makes the new Shimin Li Encounter Edition an all-new experience for the listeners.

See Audio x Tangzu Audio Shimin Li Encounter Edition-1

The See Audio x Tangzu Shimin Li Encounter Edition is launched officially for 49$ only, feel free to check out more information here. It's also available on our Aliexpress store here, Amazon Japan Store here, and Amazon US store here as well. 

Better Dynamics, Improved Sound With New Driver Diaphragm:-

The dynamic driver inside the Shimin Li Encounter Edition is improved over the previous generation. Previously, the 10mm driver featured a PET diaphragm coil, but now it has been upgraded to a Carbon Nano diaphragm which helps in producing better dynamics. It has twice the amplitude of an ordinary diaphragm. You will notice a cleaner, more precise, punchier sound on the Shimin Li Encounter Edition. Nano Carbon material is highly durable, it offers consistent performance even in extreme temperature and humidity situations.

See Audio x Tangzu Audio Shimin Li Encounter Edition-2

New Looks With Baked Paint Finish:

See Audio x Tangzu Shimin Li Encounter Edition IEMs have got new looks. The design is the same as the OG model, but the shell has not got a premium red-colored finish. The shells are actually treated with a high-quality Baked Paint Process. To look like a seamless unibody design, the shell undergoes a baking process which creates a touch and solid finish. The shell is corrosion-resistant and is treated at high temperatures to give it a premium, textured finish. You won’t see the paint chipping off anytime soon from the shells.

See Audio x Tangzu Audio Shimin Li Encounter Edition-3

New Tuning profile:-

See Audio has worked closely with Tangzu Audio in order to design the Shimin Li Encounter edition. The tuning profile is actually done by See Audio where the pair has now got a balanced profile. Previously, the OG Shimin Li had a mid-centric approach, but the new version will give you a more balanced presentation between the three frequent segments. We get punchy lower-end, we get emotional vocals, and we get exquisite details in the treble region, a tuning that will complement different genres of music well!!

Brand New Premium Stock Cable:-

See Audio x Tangzu Shimin Li Encounter Edition IEms comes packed with a premium IEM cable as stock. In order to get the best out of the newly designed set, the pair comes with a high-purity 5N OFC(Oxygen Free Copper) Cable with a 3.5mm termination plug. The pair will also be available with an in-line mic variant for the cable.

See Audio x Tangzu Audio Shimin Li Encounter Edition-4

Price & Availability:-

See Audio x Tangzu Shimin Li Encounter Edition is an entirely new pair of single-dynamic driver IEMs. The set has received all these above-mentioned upgrades that give an all-new experience for the listeners. You also get a new packaging which has got the traditional Tangzu touch to it. Its price is set attractively at just 49$, you can check out more details here.

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