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See Audio Kaguya 4BA+4EST Flagship Earphone Released

See Audio Kaguya 4BA+4EST Flagship Earphone Released

See Audio marked their debut in the international market a few days back with the release of their very first pair of hybrid driver IEMs, the See Audio Yume. The brand is not limiting itself to the budget segment only, today they have released their flagship pair, the See Audio Kaguya.  Similar to the See Audio Yume, the Kaguya is also a very famous pair in Mainland China where it was released a few months back.

Meet The All-New See Audio Kaguya:-

See Audio Kaguya-1

The Kaguya is a flagship pair of in-ear monitors from See Audio. The pair features a specially designed hybrid driver configuration. Instead of the regular Dynamic Driver+Balanced Armature Driver configurations, Kaguya features a BA+EST driver configuration. The pair is equipped with a total of 8 drivers on each side, 4BA+4EST drivers to deliver a flagship-grade high-resolution sound output. You can completely customize the look of your pair of Kaguya with customized face panel designs. The pair starts at 1399$ for the universal design, Customizable variant will be available at a later time.


>Super smooth & detailed sound experience.

>8-Driver hybrid setup on both the sides.

>4-Electrostatic + 4 Balanced Armature drivers on each side.

>Low-Distortion output with 3-Way Frequency Division.

>Ultimate craftsmanship.

>Customizable looks.

>High-quality 6-N OCC Litz silver plated cable.

>Impedance: 28Ω.

>Sensitivity: 103dB.

>Frequency Range: 20Hz-40kHz.

>THD+N: </= 1%/

>3.5mm single-ended termination plug.

>Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

Unique & Powerful Hybrid Driver Configuration:-

Usually, IEMs in the market have Dynamic and BA driver hybrid configurations, but the case is different with the Kaguya. See Audio has equipped the pair with a powerful 8-driver hybrid setup on both sides. The pair features 4 finely tuned BA drivers paired with 4 high-performance EST drivers. They are arranged professionally in a three-way frequency division, 2 BA for low-frequencies, 2 BA for Mid-frequency, and 4 EST for super-smooth high-frequencies. All these drivers are from SONION, a renowned brand when it comes to audio drivers.

Exquisite Looks:-

See Audio Kaguya-2

See Audio has already shown their excellent design and craftsmanship with their very first pair See Audio Yume. With the flagship Kaguya, the brand takes things further with sparkling designer looks for the universal design, and the option to choose/customize the look of your pair. You can choose from a variety of designs and different color face panels to customize your pair with a unique look.

Silky-Smooth Sound Quality:-

The Kaguya is tuned by professional acoustic engineers to deliver an experience like never before. The pair has a silky-smooth sound quality output with high-resolution crisp micro-detail retrieval. The minutest of the details from your music will come to life with the See Audio Kaguya. The lower end is done perfectly to deliver a deep, complementing response with a transparent solid mid-frequency response, and the EST drivers show their charm with the smooth non-fatiguing high-frequencies. We are pretty sure you will love what See Audio has achieved with its flagship earphone.

See Audio Kaguya-3

High-Quality OCC Cable:-

A flagship earphone requires a high-quality cable for the best output. See Audio has carefully chosen a 6N OCC silver-plated Litz cable to pair with its flagship Kaguya earphones. It offers ultra-low internal sound signal resistance and conducts the audio signal without any disturbance. It has a 3.5mm single-ended termination and universal 2-pin 0.78mm connectors.

See Audio-4

Price & Availability:-

See Audio Kaguya leads the charge of the See Audio lineup with a price tag of 1399$. Considering its driver configuration and flagship-grade performance, it is priced quite competitively with Kinera Baldr, and other flagship earphones. You can order the Kaguya from our store here. Shipments will begin shortly.

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