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See Audio Introduces "Neko" 6 BA Driver Premium In-Ear Monitors

See Audio Introduces "Neko" 6 BA Driver Premium In-Ear Monitors

Founded back in 2018, See Audio is a professional high-fidelity in-ear monitor brand based in Shenzhen China. See Audio has a huge roster of products designed with utmost perfection and tuned with delicacy bringing in something for everyone. Over the years, See Audio has released several successful models such as the Kaguya, Neo, Yume, Rinko, etc. Today, See Audio is happily introducing us to the newest member of their family, presenting the all-new See Audio Neko.

See Audio Neko-1

See Audio Neko is launched officially for 699.99$, you can check further details here. It's also available on our Aliexpress store.

Background Story of Neko:-

Neko is a character from a mysterious world from another dimension. She has a charming character. She loves music and is proficient in the art of hot weapons. Neko combines her fighting with the music to surprise everyone with her outstanding posture and unique fighting style. As per See Audio’s character development team, the Neko is designed as an enemy of the Rinko. The purpose of Neko coming to this dimension is to defeat Rinko. Rinko is an 18-ton combat robot known for its excellent physical abilities and perception of sound. Both characters represent the relentless pursuit of technological innovation, audio experience, and artistic exploration. Neko translates to Cat, See Audio has designed it as highly-sought after high-end in-ear monitor. They are crafted with ultimate workmanship, a unique design approach, and excellent sound quality.

See Audio Neko-2

Premium Six Balanced Armature Driver Setup:-

See Audio has carefully designed the Neko to deliver a truly high-resolution sound experience. To achieve their desired sound response with the set, See Audio has equipped the set with a luxurious six-balanced armature driver configuration on each side. The pair adopts a combination of high-performance Balanced Armature drivers from SONION and KNOWLES. With careful tuning adjustments by professional acoustic engineers at See Audio, prepare yourself to hear an impeccable sound which is amazing in every possible way, get amazing resolution, ultimate clarity, precise tonality, and a smooth, rich timbre as well. See Audio Neko expresses the music in its true form.

Stunning Mother of Pearl Pattern Face Panels:-

See Audio is a brand that is also known for its outstanding design elements. For the latest Neko, See Audio has chosen a Mother-of-Pearl pattern for the face covers. It is a stunning designer pattern previously available only for CIEM variants. For the first time, the mother-of-pearl pattern is being used for a mass-produced set. The Mother-of-Pearl Pattern is a traditional craft mainly created using shells as the primary material. Through delicate processes such as cutting, inlaying, carving, and decorating with unique and valuable artworks, an eye-catchy design is formed. See Audio Neko looks absolutely amazing, the ear shells are both compact as well as artistic, bringing the users a premium experience with an exquisite finish.

See Audio Neko-3

Ultra-Premium Effect Audio Cadmus As Stock Cable:-

See Audio has chosen Effect Audio’s Cadmus as the stock cable for the Neko. The cable brings the true character of Neko out in the open with its unique sonic attributes. It is manufactured with top-tier materials featuring high-purity monocrystalline copper cable with refined silver plating. It promises exceptional signal conductivity and fidelity for high-res audio transmission. Effect Audio Cadmus with the Neko has Effect Audio’s patented TermX technology that brings a swappable termination plug system. The pair comes bundled with 3.5mm and 4.4mm plugs in the package, other plugs such as 2.5mm, Type-C, and Lightning can be bought separately.

See Audio Neko-4

See Audio Neko is crafted using utmost precision and craftsmanship. Professional engineers at the brand have carefully chosen every single component to ensure top-quality sound with the pair. It has been designed to do justice to the character Neko with its intricate details in sound reproduction. We hope you enjoy the Neko as much as we do, the pair is launched officially for 699.99$, and more details are available here.

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