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SeeAudio Hakuya Flagship 10BA+4EST Driver IEMs

SeeAudio Hakuya Flagship 10BA+4EST Driver IEMs

SeeAudio has always aimed to deliver high-quality sound with its in-ear monitors. Ever since the brand debuted in the international market, they have released several successful products ranging across different price brackets. We are super excited to announce that SeeAudio has come up with a brand-new flagship set of IEMs, the SeeAudio Hakuya. SeeAudio Hakuya is the result of years of R&D in the IEM industry done by SeeAudio. The pair presents a rich sound with intricate details and excellent tonality. The pair achieves true high-resolution sound output with its carefully designed 10BA+4EST driver arrangement on each side. SeeAudio’s acoustic team has professionally adjusted the tuning of the Hakuya to deliver a pure music listening experience!!

See Audio Hakuya-1

SeeAudio Hakuya is launched officially for $2999. You can order yours with us here. You can also get a customized variant with different face cover patterns which will be available for $3199. You can check out more details on the product page itself.

Hakuya packs an extraordinary sound within its stunning ear shells. The pair houses a 10BA+4EST driver setup on each side where the drivers are carefully chosen and precisely adjusted to achieve the best performance while keeping the distortion as low as possible and maintaining a comfortable, ergonomic shape of the shell. The BA Drivers are adjusted for handling low-mid-high frequencies while the EST drivers produce exceptional clarity in the ultra-high frequencies. The tuning has been adjusted by a professional team of acoustic engineers, they have tuned to set to deliver a natural, pure high-resolution audio experience producing intricate details with great precision and tonality.

See Audio Hakuya-2

SeeAudio Hakuya has exclusively designed ear shells. The pair looks extremely good with solid ear shells that have 24K gold-plated flakes embedded into the shells. It looks and feels luxurious in every possible way. To provide smooth sound signal transmission, SeeAudio HAKUYA comes with a flagship-level hybrid cable known as Vortex. Vortex cable has a luxurious configuration featuring monocrystalline copper, pure silver, and gold-plated monocrystalline copper wire cores. The cable has a Litz Coaxial braided structure design and comes with 4.4mm termination. Users can easily replace the cable as well as the pair has universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

See Audio Hakuya-3

SeeAudio Hakuya is the brand’s entry into the ultimate flagship market. The pair is designed with utmost precision to ensure top-quality sound and comfort for its users. And we also get a premium high-end cable as the stock cable with the pair. See Audio Hakuya is priced at $2999, you can check out more information and details here.

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