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S.M.S.L VMV D3: Flagship R-2R Desktop DAC Featuring PCM1704UJ R2R Chip

S.M.S.L VMV D3: Flagship R-2R Desktop DAC Featuring PCM1704UJ R2R Chip

S.M.S.L has introduced a new jewel into its premium “VMV” series of desktop gears, meet the brand new S.M.S.L VMV D3 R-2R Desktop DAC. The VMV D3 is a high-end Digital-to-Analog converter that is equipped with top-of-the-line hardware for ultimate performance. S.M.S.L has featured the four pieces of PCM1704U-J, a legendary R-2R chip in the VMV D3. The DAC benefits from a top-class SM5847 Digital Filter chip paired with a second-gen XMOS USB receiver chip enabling support for native DSD512. S.M.S.L VMV D3 also has external clock support providing more options to the users. VMV D3 is a high-end product that features a brilliant LCD display, high-performance R-2R ladder DAC architecture, dual independent ultra-low phase noise oscillators, and many more features. You can order the S.M.S.L VMV D3 with us, it is available at an MSRP of 3499.99$. Check out more details here.

S.M.S.L VMV D3-1


>Widely-Trusted PCM1704U-J R-2R Chips.

>High-performance SM5847 Digital Filter Chip.

>Second-Gen XMOS USB Receiver.

>External Digital Clock Support.

>Dual Independent Crystal Oscillators.

>Low-Noise Discrete Component Power Supply Circuit.

>Supports Native DSD512.

>Colourful LCD Display.

>Aluminum Remote Control.

Technical Specifications:-

>Input: USB/I2S/Optical/Coaxial/AES(EBU).

>Output: RCA/XLR.

>THD+N: 0.001%.

>Dynamic Range: 112dB.

>SNR: 112dB.

>Bit Depth: 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and Native DSD512.

>Power Consumption: 10W.

>Standby Power: <0.8W.

>Size: 280x240x51mm.

>Weight: 3.96Kg.

S.M.S.L VMV D3-2

Legendary R-2R DAC Chipset:-

S.M.S.L has opted classic R-2R resistor ladder circuit for the digital to analog conversion with the VMV D3. They have featured four pieces of American BB’s legendary PCM1704U-J R-2R chip. There are two chips arranged for each channel presenting a fully balanced design for the user. Each channel uses two independent chips, that helps the brand churn out maximum performance from each chip.

Professional Circuit With High-End Digital Filter Chip:-

S.M.S.L VMV D3 is equipped with a high-performance SM5847 digital filter chip. It is a top-class chip with 2-channel digital processing, oversampling/interpolation filter, 3-stage linear-phase FIR configuration, and many more filter options offering the users a wide variety of digital filters to choose from.

S.M.S.L VMV D3-3

Latest-Generation XMOS USB Signal Processor:-

For seamless USB signal decoding, the S.M.S.L VMV D3 uses XMOS’s latest generation 16-core XU216 USB signal receiver chip. It enables the device to support high-resolution audio signal decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 over asynchronized USB connection.

Dual Independent Crystal Oscillators:-

S.M.S.L VMV D3 uses 2 independent ACCUSILICONE ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators in the Clock system. It offers a jitter-free clock system combined with ALTERA’s high-speed CPLD to process the clock system. The DAC also has built-in low clock jitter VCXO and PLL technologies and also has support for external digital clocks.

High-Performance Components For Top-Class Performance:-

S.M.S.L VMV D3 is a premium audiophile-grade Desktop DAC that is equipped with top-of-the-line components on its motherboard. S.M.S.L has used seven high-performance OPA1612 OPAMPs for a clean and low-distortion output. The power supply circuitry is specially developed with low-noise discrete components ensuring quality performance for the users.

S.M.S.L VMV D3-4

Price & Availability:-

S.M.S.L VMV D3 is available to purchase with us at 3499.99$, check out more details about this brilliant device here.

Shipping Policy:-

【Priority】 1-2 weeks, US/CA/JP/AU/KR/MY/TH/VN/SG/PH and more, All tax and duty prepaid by HiFiGo, FREE shipping on $100+.

【Priority】 1-2 weeks, Europe 30 Countries, All tax and duty all prepaid by HiFiGo, FREE shipping on $300+.

【SuperLine】5-8 Days, FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo.

Express FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide.

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