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Reecho x Peacock Audio: Spring Fever!!

Reecho x Peacock Audio Announced: Spring Fever!!

Reecho is a china based brand, which is very famous in China for its amazing audio product range. They have amazing product lineup in In-ear monitors, including a pure copper GY-05S earphone which has gathered popularity widely in China. Now the brand wants to expand its business to western countries and for its first product, they have partnered with Peacock Audio.

Peacock Audio is a premium audio equipment manufacturer's based in China, they create premium quality hand-made printed resin shells, which have a beautiful design, ergonomic and comfortable fit, and brilliant sound tuning. The brands have collectively released the first images and basic configuration details for their upcoming project today.

Reecho x Peacock Audio Spring Fever

Reecho x Peacock Audio: Spring Fever!! -1

They have named this pair of In-ear Monitor as "Spring Fever", which is the Chinese name for the pair and will be releasing the actual western name soon, the reservation starts from Feb,5th, and shipment will start from 15th of February and it is available to pre-order at Hifigo at US$99.99 here

Hand Printed Resin Shells:-

Reecho x Peacock Audio: Spring Fever!! -2

From the first images it shows us a glimpse at the beautiful earpieces, the earpieces are made up of hand-printed resin shells that have a very beautiful print of peacock feathers on the faceplate. They have a green-blue matching color theme. The earpieces look mesmerizing and beautiful, when worn they are surely going to look like a piece of jewelry.

The images show the earpieces to be very beautiful and have a premium build quality, it has a two-pin connector type making it very easy to switch cables with uninterrupted sound reproduction.

Reecho x Peacock Audio: Spring Fever!! -3

Reecho x Peacock Audio: Spring Fever!! -4

Peacock audio is already very famous for its beautiful hand-printed earphones, like the Peacock Audio P1, and this one takes their print designing to a whole new level with an amazingly printed peacock feather design. The earpieces look elegant and classy, we really wish they sound amazing too.

The earpieces have an ergonomic in-ear design, it looks like they will provide a comfortable fit, the earpieces are going to sit firmly into our ears.

Triple Driver Configuration:-

Reecho x Peacock Audio: Spring Fever!! -5

From the early configuration release for the earphones, they carry three driver hybrid units each side, preferably two balanced armature and one dynamic driver. We have seen multiple hybrid earphones in the market already but what makes this one special is the tuning by Reecho Audio. Reecho Audio has professional engineers which tune the earphones precisely to provide its users with natural timbre and balanced sound output, and we honestly believe that they have done the same here this time and enters the western market with a brilliant sounding product as others in their lineup within China.

Reecho x Peacock Audio: Spring Fever!! -6

The unit is priced around a 100$ price range, we believe this is a brilliant looking earphone, and from the past tuning experience by Reecho Audio, it will be sounding great too. We are really excited by the initial details and images released for this earphone.


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