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Quloos QLS MC01/MC01SE: Latest Flagship-Grade Portable DAC/AMPs

Quloos QLS MC01/MC01SE: Latest Flagship-Grade Portable DAC/AMPs

Portable Audio scenes can easily get sorted with your favorite pair of IEMs and a Portable USB DAC/AMP with your smartphones. These little devices are slowly replacing digital audio players for many portable users. Brands are regularly bringing new and updated products in this category. Today, we are bringing you one such high-end portable DAC/AMP from a famous brand called Quloos. Meet the all-new QLS MC01/MC01SE from Quloos, a flagship-grade portable DAC/AMP. Don’t go on the compact size of this beautiful device, it packs a punch with its flagship Dual DAC arrangement, powerful amplification section, and other audiophile-grade components.

Quloos QLS MC01/MC01SE-1

Quloos MC01 and MC01SE have the same internals, the MC01 houses two headphone output ports(3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced) while the MC01SE gives you a single 3.5mm SE output port. MC01 series starts at 239.99$. Check out more information here.

Quloos has decided to not leave any stone unturned, they have designed the latest MC01/MC01SE Portable USB DAC/AMPs with top-quality audio components. Be it the flagship-grade Dual DAC Chipset or ultra-low jitter clocks, every single chip is carefully chosen to deliver quality performance with the device. Quloos has trusted the MC01/MC01SE with two CS43131 DAC chips. These are high-resolution 32-bit stereo DACs that deliver a quality performance. They support high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 signals. Complementing this crisp signal decoding is a powerful amplification section. Quloos MC01 produces up to 260mW of clean output through its balanced output. This is adequate enough to drive most IEMs and low-power requiring HPs easily. Quloos has also featured three optional power filters on the MC01/MC01SE, users can adjust this as they seem fit.

Quloos QLS MC01/MC01SE-2

Just like every other product from Quloos, you get an exquisitely finished product with the MC01/MC01SE DAC/AMPs. The device features a CNC machined aluminum alloy chassis in beautiful Red and Black color options. MC01/MC01SE also houses an OLED display that shows different settings like volume, power filter, etc.

Quloos QLS MC01/MC01SE-3

Quloos MC01/MC01SE is a high-end portable DAC/AMP designed to deliver high-quality performance. Simply connect it to your smartphones and enter the world of Hi-Res audio straight out of your smartphones. Check out more information on the Quloos QLS MC01/MC01SE over here.

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