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QDC Introduces Folk: Brand New Three-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Planar, DD, and BA Driver Combination

QDC Introduces Folk: Brand New Three-Driver Hybrid IEMs With Planar, DD, and BA Driver Combination

QDC is a well-recognized name in the HiFi audio industry. Based out of China, QDC is a premium in-ear monitor brand with many successful models under its name. With a dedicated team of acoustic engineers, QDC has maintained a good reputation as a leading IEM brand. Today, QDC has released a brand new multi-driver hybrid IEM, the all-new QDC Folk. The simple name “Folk” packs an impressive sound capability in a beautifully made handcrafted ear shell. The pair adopts a three-driver unique hybrid setup featuring a combination of Planar drivers along with dynamic and BA driver units on each side. QDC Folk is developed closely with “Xiaojuan and the residents in the Valley” a folk band from China. The pair is tuned to deliver impressive clarity for vocals and instruments making it an ideal choice for folk, acoustic, and vocal-based musical genres!!

QDC Folk-1

QDC Folk is launched officially for 428$, you can check out more details here.

For many years, QDC has designed many successful products with different driver configurations including Multi-BA setups, hybrid setups, and more. The Folk is their first IEM to feature a planar magnetic driver unit. The pair packs a three-driver hybrid setup featuring a planar magnetic driver, a dynamic driver, and a balanced armature driver unit. With three different types of driver units, Folk promises quality sound with outstanding resolution and sheer musicality. It’s actually designed to deliver a musical sound signature!!

QDC FOlk-2

QDC is known for its outstanding craftsmanship and the latest QDC Folk is no different. The pair is handcrafted with beautiful Phoebe wood face covers and a transparent golden shell. It looks stunning and has an ergonomic shape that will provide a comfortable wearing experience for the users. QDC includes a high-purity silver-plated copper mixed braided cable with a swappable termination plug as stock with the Folk. It’s not just the beautiful looks that make the Folk a special experience, it’s also the premium designer retail packaging and accessories as well. The pair comes in a hand-made bamboo wood retail box and premium denim fabric carry case. QDC Folk is an experience with outstanding sound capabilities that will treat the listeners with a musical presentation!! QDC Folk is available with us for 428$, check out more details here.

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