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QDC Anole V3ii Premium 3 BA IEM Released

QDC Anole V3ii Premium 3 BA IEM Released

Shenzhen Qili Audio Application Co., Ltd commonly known as QDC is a premium boutique audio brand based in Shenzhen China. They are dedicated to developing high-end in-ear monitors with professional tunes. They have released their 5th-anniversary edition of their highly famous Anole IEM, the QDC Anole V3ii. It comes as a direct upgrade to the Anole V3 improving over its build, smooth sound tuning, and more features. The Anole V3ii is a premium pair of in-ear monitors featuring three BA drivers and two sound tuning switches on each side. It has beautifully handcrafted earpieces with cavity design and metal nozzle similar to their flagship QDC Anole VX IEMs. The QDC Anole V3ii has a price tag of 479$, check out more details here.

QDC Anole V3ii-1


>Three custom-tuned Balanced Armature drivers on each side.

>Premium design.

>Comfortable and firm fit.

>Upgraded Silver-Plated GE4C II cable.

>Four sound tuning switches.

>Impedance: 27-33Ω.

>Frequency range: 10Hz-20kHz.

>Sensitivity: 105dB-108dB SPL/mW.

Built With Perfection:-

QDC Anole V3ii-2

QDC is well known for its premium built products, the Anole V3ii is also not an exception. Earpieces have a shell cavity design and metal nozzle similar to the brand’s Anole VX IEMs. It is a transparent inner shell with beautiful blue faceplates that have a QDC logo in complementing golden shade. We can look at the precise placement of driver units and complex frequency division circuitry inside the earpiece through the transparent inner shell.

Three Custom BA Units Each Side:-

QDC Anole V3ii-3

QDC Anole V3ii houses three custom-tuned micro balanced armature drivers on each side. They are tuned by professionals with years of experience in the industry to provide a strong deep bass that goes as low as 10Hz, natural crisp vocals, and smooth detailed high frequencies. This makes the pair a prominent choice for different genres of music.

Dual Sound Tuning Switches:-

QDC Anole V3ii-4

Each earpiece of the QDC Anole V3ii features two sound tuning switches that users can use to adjust the output according to their preferences. Users get four different tuning options with the pair, both switches off give a natural output, first on second off produces strong bass, both on increases the sensitivity, and first off second on improves the vocal output.

Designed For Perfect Fit:-

Earpieces in QDC Anole V3ii are durable, lightweight, and has an ergonomic design. They sit firmly into the ears and provide a comfortable fit for long hours of music enjoyment.

QDC Anole V3ii-5

Price & Availability:-

The latest QDC Anole V3ii is priced at 479$, it is available to order from our store here. Shipments will begin shortly.

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