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QDC announces three new products: Dmagic, Dragonskin cable & Flagship Limited edition VX!!

QDC announces three new products: Dmagic, Dragonskin cable & Flagship Limited edition VX!!

QDC is the name of a well-established brand that is considerably admired in the audiophile community.

Their claim to fame is in their flagship IEMs. Mainly, their multi-driver balanced armature IEMs. Ranging from eight units per In-ear (Gemini, 8SH, 8SL, and 8SS), and going up to even ten drivers per single In-ear (Anole VX).

Today during a presentation at the International Headphone Expo in Hotel Crowne Plaza Vientiane, the company unveiled three new products: Dmagic, Dragonskin cable & the Flagship Limited edition VX.


The first product that the unveiled was the new Dmagic IEM.

Dmagic breaks the boundary of the dynamic driver earphones that we see every day. Instead of relying on a single dynamic driver, the latest QDC proprietary voice coil acoustic cavity technology divides the frequency range outside of the earphone's shell.

This patented design, in turn, dramatically reduces the crossover distortion observed in many multiple-driver IEMs, greatly improving the sound accuracy and precision.

Limited edition VX

The next product revealed by QDC was the company's new flagship IEM, the Limited edition VX.


  •  Fantasy three-dimensional camouflage design.
  • Titanium shell.
  • 18k real gold-plated + titanium three-dimensional panel.
  • 800 blue diamonds inlaid.
  • Titanium mid-range and plug jacket.
  • Dragonskin of four alloys of gold, silver, copper, and palladium.
  • Chameleon VX kernel.
  • Up to 18 months of design and production.


The last product QDC revealed at the expo was the company's flagship cable. A Gold/Silver cable with swappable plugs called: The Dragon Skin.


The company spoke at great lengths about the effort & development that went into this cable. It declared that following many considerations and comparisons, the company finally settled on the Dragonskin. 

It is an upgrade cable specifically designed for the Limited edition VX. It brings significant improvement in the sound quality of all QDC earphones while simultaneously eliminating the inconvenience of repeatedly replacing earphone cables.

The earphone manufacturer decided on four precious metals for the construction of this wire—gold, silver, copper, and palladium. The metals are wrapped concentrically around a central core to form a single alloy.

This novel implementation provides a highly conductive cable with low capacitance and unmatched properties.

The strands are then braided and carefully twisted together using a concentric technique. This process reduces cable noise while keeping the cable lightweight, flexible, and durable.

The silver delivers pure high-frequency tones, while the palladium adds an extra impact to the bass. The sound is natural, layered, and detailed without any audible harshness.

The upgrade cable comes with a set of interchangeable plugs, allowing users to change between 2.5/4.4/3.5 interfaces and vice versa, without any difficulty.

Pricing and availability:

Dmagic UIEM: $1241
Dmagic CIEM: $1382
Gold/Silver upgrade cable: $1241
Limited edition VX: will cost $12410

The official release date is 7/1, with preorders starting on 6/21.


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