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PULA Introduces PA01 and PA02 High-Performance In-Ear Monitors With Stunning Looks

PULA Introduces PA01 and PA02 High-Performance In-Ear Monitors With Stunning Looks

PULA Audio has over 15 years of experience in the HiFI audio industry. They are not coming in the international market with two new launches, the PA01 and PA02. Both the IEMs have got stunning looks with bright, vivid, colorful face covers. PA01 is an entry-level model that comes with a single dynamic driver configuration while the PA02 brings a five-driver hybrid setup packing a powerful 10mm dd unit and four high-performance BA drivers on each side. PULA has designed and tuned both the IEMs professionally to deliver a true high-resolution audio listening experience for the users. Let’s get to know them better.

PULA PA01: Single DD Magic!!

Introducing the PULA PA01, a taste of great sound with a 10mm LCP diaphragm dynamic driver unit. The PA01 packs an amazing sound in a simple and beautiful package. The shells are compact and the sound is massive. With its 10mm LCP diaphragm dynamic driver unit on each side, the PA01 promises a clear and lively sound with great dynamics and lovely three-frequency sound. PULA PA01 offers amazing clarity with its ultra-low THD+N performance. It has been tuned to deliver quality sound to its listeners. PULA PA01 is available for just $49, you can buy yours here.


PULA PA01 ear shells have stunningly beautiful designer looks. The shells have colorful face covers with an aesthetic design. They look eye-catching and have a comfortable form factor as well. PULA bundles the PA01 with a bunch of high-quality accessories including multiple pairs of eartips and a high-quality detachable cable. At the time of purchase, users can select different termination options including 3.5mm, 4.4mm, and Type-c termination. For single DD lovers and audiophiles looking for great sound at a budget price, PULA PA01 can be a great choice. Grab yours with us today for just $49.

PULA PA02: Five Driver Hybrid Setup Promising Quality Sound!!

Next up is the PULA PA02, a five-driver hybrid set with outstanding acoustic capabilities and fantastic looks. PULA has designed the pair with a traditional DD+BA hybrid combination featuring a 10mm dynamic driver unit and four high-performance balanced armature drivers. The pair also has colorful and aesthetically beautiful earshells just like the PA01. PULA PA02 is available to purchase for just $189, available in two color options and three termination options.


In order to get amazing sound reproduction, PULA has featured three-way electronic and physical crossovers on the PA02. The DD unit produces impactful bass response while dual BA produces clear midrange and dual BA drivers produce exceptional treble smoothness and extensions. PULA PA02 has a balanced three-frequency response promising complementing sound for different genres of music. The dynamic driver here produces a strong and hard-hitting bass response, dual BA drivers promise crystal clear vocals and instruments in the midrange section, and another dual BA driver setup delivers quality high-frequency response. PULA PA02 is a great companion for your everyday listening sessions.

PULA PA02 features beautiful ear shells with colorful face covers that have designer looks. The overall shell design is ergonomic and lightweight offering great comfort for everyday use. PULA bundles the PA02 with a high-quality stock cable and multiple pairs of eartips that will get you going straight out of the box. Get the PULA PA02 today for just $189, you can check out more details here.

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