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Ovidius B1 Portable USB DAC/AMP Released

Ovidius B1 Portable USB DAC/AMP Released

With the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack in smartphones, brands are focusing on Portable USB DAC/AMPs for use with smartphones. Just yesterday we posted about the latest Portable USB DAC/AMP from HiBy, the HiBy FC3. Today we are bringing you a new portable DAC/AMP solution from a new brand called Ovidius, the DAC/AMP is called Ovidius B1.

About Ovidius:-

Ovidius is a professional acoustic brand focusing primarily on audio products. They got established in 2015, ever since then the brand has been involved in the development and manufacturing of micro speakers, flat diaphragm units, electrostatic systems, car audio, and professional headphones. They cater to many international brands with their leading design & development of headphones, and the supply of acoustic components.

In 2020, they officially launched their own brand of HiFi audio products and started independent operations for the development of high-class audio products. They are working on leading products such as Dynamic earphones, Dynamic Driver, and Balanced Armature hybrid earphones which will be released shortly. Adhering to the concept of continuously exploring the mysteries of sound, Ovidius continues to move forward with an explorer attitude, bringing consumers more cutting-edge products in the audio field.

Ovidius B1:-

Ovidius B1-1

The Ovidius B1 is the debutant product for the brand. It is a high-performance Portable USB DAC/AMP equipped with a 24-Bit AKM DAC chip and independent Amplifier circuit for a clean, powerful output. The Ovidius B1 is available officially with us at our store. It has a price tag of 149$, shipments have already begun!! So what are you waiting for order yours today here!!

The B1 drastically improves the audio experience out of your smartphones with its professional audio signal decoding chip and independent amplifier circuit.


>AKM High-Performance DAC Chip.

>4-Channel Desktop Device DAC Architecture.

>Independent Amplifier Architecture.

>Low-Power Consumption.

>Impedance Adaptive(32Ω-600Ω).

>CNC Machined All-Metal Body.


Patented Power Distribution Algorithm:-

Ovidius B1’s core advantage is its own patented power distribution algorithm. It makes sure all the components such as DAC chip, an amplification circuit, everything gets power properly. It takes low power of just 0.12w from the source that is usually just the standby current of today’s smartphones.

True Digital Signal System:-

The input interface of Ovidius B1 is a truly digital OTG interface. It takes the raw audio signal from the source(smartphones) without any hardware or software decoding in the source device. The B1 works as a standard DAC similar to big professional desktop-grade DACs.

Ovidius B1-2

Independent Amplifier Circuit:-

Feel free to pair your demanding and power-hungry headphones with the Ovidius B1 as the device is equipped with an independent amplifier circuit. The circuit adjusts itself for high-impedance headphones and provides the users with a superb sound quality experience.

Premium CNC Machined All-Metal Chassis:-

The Ovidius B1 shows premium craftsmanship with a precisely made CNC all-metal chassis. It offers brilliant the best power-dissipation control in its class.

Ovidius B1-3

Pricing & Availability Info:-

The Ovidius B1 is available at our store with a price tag of 149$. Shipments have already begun for the B1, order yours today!! Check out more details here.

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