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Oriveti Introduces OD100 and OD200: Two Amazing Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

Oriveti Introduces OD100 and OD200: Two Amazing Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

Oriveti is an innovative brand from Hong Kong that provides exceptional products, especially in the HiFi IEM market. Founded back in 2015, Orivet has dedicatedly designed amazing IEMs that are loved by audiophiles all around the globe. Their engineering marvel and their experienced acoustic research help them to create outstanding products that deliver quality sound. Today, we are super excited to bring you two of their latest models, Let’s welcome together the Oriveti OD100 and the Oriveti OD200. Both these IEMs have a single dynamic driver configuration and they offer outstanding sound capabilities with impressive performance. They both fall under the budget category with the OD100 available for just 69.90$ and the OD200 available for 199$. Let’s know more about them.

Oriveti OD100: Convenient Design, Outstanding Sound!!

Oriveti OD100 is a simple single DD IEM which is designed for everyday portable usage with no compromises on sound quality. This IEM is designed basically for everyday carry where you can enjoy great sound straight with your smartphones. OD100 packs a 9.2mm dynamic driver unit with an exclusive DLC diaphragm coil. It features Solid CNC-milled metallic ear shells that offer great comfort while using. It has excluvive build quality, detachable cable with standard 2-pin 0.78mm connectors, and comes with a variety of ear tips as well, a complete package!!

Oriveti OD100-1

Oriveti has professionally adjusted the tuning of the OD100 to complement different genres of music well. It’s a pair that helps you enjoy your favourite melodies anywhere you are. It offers a convenient experience for the users allowing you to dive into your own musical world anytime you want!! The Oriveti OD100 doesn’t go hard on the bank either, grab these stunning IEMs for just $69.90!!

Oriveti OD200: Be-Coated Single DD With Tuning Nozzles!!

The second release here is the Oriveti OD200, a revolutionary single dynamic driver IEM with tuning nozzles. The pair features a patent-pending Dedicated Airflow Distribution(DAD) design based on years of experience in designing IEMs. Oriveti has equipped the OD200 with a 9.8mm dynamic driver featuring an exclusive Be-Coated diaphragm coil. With professional tuning adjustments made by the brand, the OD200 offers excellent sound clarity with amazing dynamics and details. OD200 effortlessly produces the minutest of the details from your music and presents it simply and smoothly. You won’t find the set fatiguing or harsh, it’s buttery-smooth in the performance!!

Oriveti OD200-1

Oriveti OD200 features interchangeable mouth nozzles. The nozzles can be replaced and two different tunings can be experienced with the pair. The pair has a luxurious build quality. Its shells are crafted using a high-precision CNC machining process with high-quality metallic alloy material. Oriveti has bundled a high-purity stock cable with a detachable modular plug system. The pair comes with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm plugs in the package allowing the user to use different sources with the set.

Oriveti OD200-2

Oriveti OD200 offers an enhanced listening experience for its users. Its Be-Coated 9.8mm dynamic driver produces clear and crisp sound with a rich tone offering a smooth and natural sound experience for the users. The set complements different genres of music with its exceptional clarity and rich timbre. Not to mention, the dual Tuning nozzles are just the icing on the cake to experience two different signatures with a single IEM. Oriveti OD200 is launched officially for 199$, you can check out more details here.

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