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Oppo Enco Q1 Wireless Noise-canceling Headphones Go On Sale Now | Hifigo

Oppo Enco Q1 Wireless Noise-canceling Headphones Go On Sale Now | Hifigo

OPPO Enco Q1 wireless headphones are the company’s first Bluetooth noise-canceling neckband headphones. After announcing of Enco Q1 in India last month, the company revealed its pricing for the market earlier this month. Now, OPPO Enco Q1 is available for purchase in China for 599 Yuan, in the oversea market for $105.99.  It will go on sale from 12th September.  

OPPO Enco Q1

OPPO Enco QI  adopts four microphones for both FF+FB dual active noise cancellation. This Hybrid active noise cancellation uses both feedback and feedforward using four microphones, one pair per side. The feedforward active noise cancellation uses the external microphone to measure ambient noise before it enters the ear, processing that signal to ensure an exact and opposite signal leaves the system’s speaker to effectively cancel the ambient noise.

OPPO Enco Q1 2

Meanwhile, the internal microphone is used to create the feedback loop of the feedback noise cancellation system. A filter is used to minimize the acoustical signal near the microphone. The headphones come with in-ear earbuds that are curved at a certain angle to fit the ears comfortably. Similar to the Sony ANC headphones series,  you can tune out noise with just a tap on OPPO Enco QI. 

OPPO Enco Q1 3

The OPPO Enco Q1 comes in Sunny Orange, Midnight Black, and Silver White colors, 3 Types of Immersive 3D Audio and 15-Hour Play Time in Noise Cancelling Mode. 

3 Types of Immersive 3D Audio of OPPO Enco QI 

Music mode: Noise-cancellation + music mode default, O-Surround 3D is not supported in this mode. More details and energy.

Movie Mode: O-Surround 3D supported, the bass is full. 

Game Mode:  O-Surround 3D supported. The soundstage is quite wide, too, allowing even the most lackadaisical listener to pinpoint the exact location of where each player is playing.  

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