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OpenAudio Alkaid Flagship 8BA Driver IEMs

OpenAudio Alkaid Flagship 8BA Driver IEMs

OpenAudio is a new name in the market. With only a handful of releases, the brand has made a good reputation in the industry mainly for its lovely build and clear sound reproduction capabilities. OpenAudio has come ahead with a brand new release, introducing the all-new OpenAudio Alkaid. The Alkaid is a multi-BA driver IEM designed with eight high-performance BA drivers from Sonion and Knowles on each side. OpenAudio has designed the pair with stunning new designer looks. Each earpiece here is treated with a uniquely textured finish. Enjoy your favorite melodies with the stunning new OpenAudio Alkaid!!

OpenAudio Alkaid-1

OpenAudio Alkaid is a flagship IEM priced at 959$, check out more details here.

Alkaid comes equipped with a precisely designed multi-BA driver arrangement. The pair features eight BA drivers on each side. The drivers are carefully chosen from Knowles and SONION, both of which are widely acclaimed brands for balanced armature drivers. OpenAudio Alkaid achieves quality performance with outstanding resolution and ultimate clarity. Open Audio has adjusted the tuning of the Alkaid to deliver a clear, natural sound with a rich, lush tone. The pair has been designed to complement different genres of music well!!

OpenAudio Alkaid-2

OpenAudio Alkaid has a clean look. The pair has been designed with a unique textured finish which looks absolutely stunning. OpenAudio has crafted the pair with an ergonomic shape promising a comfortable fit for most users!! Alkaid is an interesting pair both in terms of its design and driver configuration. It’s the latest flagship from OpenAudio priced at 959$. Check out more details here.

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