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NICEHCK JIALAI Carat Titanium-Coated DLC Dynamic Driver IEMs

NICEHCK JIALAI Carat Titanium-Coated DLC Dynamic Driver IEMs

NICEHCK has dropped its latest pair of in-ear monitors with its new sister-brand JIALAI, presenting the JIALAI Carat. JIALAI Carat is a single dynamic driver in-ear monitor designed with a 10mm Titanium-Coated DLC Diaphragm dynamic driver unit. The pair is tuned following the IE2019 tuning curve promising high-quality sound with exquisite details, smooth tone, and a big soundstage. The pair has an exclusive build with CNC-machined aluminum alloy ear cavities. It comes with a high-purity OFC copper cable as stock.

JIALAI Carat-1

JIALAI Carat has a pocket-friendly price tag of $69.99, You can grab one from here.

NICEHCK has years of expertise in the industry with high-quality cables and in-ear monitors. As their sub-brand, JIALAI brings utilizes that experience for their debutant launch and presents us the JIALAI Carat. The pair houses a 10mm dynamic driver unit on each side. This driver is carefully designed with a Titanium-coated DLC material diaphragm. The diaphragm is lightweight and has an ultra-thin nature. It produces high-quality sound with low distortion in the output signal. This driver unit benefits the pair with a high-quality sound reproduction capability. JIALAI has tuned the Carat following the IE2019 frequency curve. It ensures we get a proper Hi-Res audio experience with enhanced clarity for vocals and a smooth overall presentation.

JIALAI Carat-2

JIALAI Carat has beautiful looks and a solid build. The shells are made up of high-quality aluminum alloy material. JIALAI has crafted them with great precision and accuracy. The shells are built using a 5-axis CNC machining process with high-quality aluminum alloy material. The shells have a stunning finish with a robust build quality.

JIALAI Carat-3

JIALAI bundles the Carat with a high-quality OFC(Oxygen-Free Copper) cable. It has a detachable design with standard 2-pin connectors. With its 3.5mm single-ended plug, you can enjoy the JIALAI Carat with different sources. JIALAI Carat is an amazing set crafted with amazing build quality, high-quality dynamic driver, and professional tuning adjustments. The pair elevates the way you enjoy your favourite music and brings a pleasurable listening experience every time you use the set. JIALAI Carat is launched officially for $69.99, you can check out more details here.

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