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NiceHCK EBX21 Latest Flagship MMCX In-Ear Earphones Revealed

NiceHCK EBX21 Latest Flagship MMCX In-Ear Earphones Revealed

With the development in headphones and in-ear monitors, some brands are also focusing on open-fit earbuds or flat-head In-ear earphones. FiiO a few months back released its flat-head flagship the FiiO EM5 that has received many positive feedbacks from the community. NiceHCK is a well-known name in the industry for its quality earphones at attractive prices. They have unveiled their latest flagship pair of earbuds, the NiceHCK EBX21.

The All-New EBX21:-

NiceHCK EBX21-1

NiceHCK EBX 21 is the brand’s latest MMCX flagship earbud. It offers a true flagship sound with its finely crafted beautiful earpieces.NiceHCK has self-designed the beautiful earpieces for the pair using a high-precision CNC machining process. This luxurious pair delivers a flagship experience for its users with its large 14.2mm dynamic driver unit. The pair is priced at 219.00$ and will be released later this month. Be quick to grab this as there are only ten pieces in the first batch of EBX21, so grab yours today.


>True Flagship Sound.

>MMCX Detachable Interface.

>Self-designed Appearance.

>Luxurious packaging & Accessories.

>Comfortable Wearing Experience.

>Large 14.2mm Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Japan’s LCP(Liquid Crystal Polymer) Diaphragm.

>Five-Axis CNC Machined Ear Shells.

>Silver-Plated Copper Tinsel Cable.

Modern Craftsmanship:-

Professional teams at NiceHCK have created multiple drafts for the design of EBX21. The beautiful ear shells are crafted using the modern 5-axis high-precision CNC machining process combined with surface polishing technology. In simple words, the EBX21 is a well-crafted beautiful pair of earbuds providing a comfy fit for a premium music listening experience.

NiceHCK EBX21-2

Premium Dynamic Driver Unit:-

The EBX21 features a large 14.2mm dynamic driver unit that is a fusion of multiple acoustic technologies like Japan’s LCP Diaphragm(Liquid Crystal Polymer), N52 Strong Magnetic CCAW coil, and Brass stabilizing ring. The driver produces a lively lower end response with excellent punchiness, a delicate and transparent midsection, and rich detailed higher frequencies. It complements different genres of music well with its dynamic, high-resolution sound reproduction. Truly a flagship performer!!

Professionally Designed Acoustic Structure:-

NiceHCK has professionally designed the acoustic structure inside the ear cavities to provide ample room for the dynamic driver to breathe properly and produce the high-resolution sound as the brand intends it for.

NiceHCK EBX21-3

Designed For Comfort:-

EBX21 features an ergonomic design with a reasonable front cover design, providing a comfortable and firm fit for its users. The earpieces sit firmly into the ears,  making the pair suitable for long music & movie sessions.

High-Quality Silver-Plated Copper Cable:-

The EBX21 features detachable MMCX cable connectors. The pair comes bundled with a high-quality silver-plated copper tinsel cable with silver-plated OCC shielding. Users have the option to choose their termination option while ordering, you can get it in 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm Bal, and 4.4mm Bal termination options.


Pricing & Availability:-

The NiceHCK EBX21 is available to pre-order from our store starting at 219.00$. Shipments will begin later this month but be quick to order yours today as the first batch is only limited to 10 pieces.

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