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NFAudio RA10: Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs with Powerful 6mm Micro DD Unit

NFAudio RA10: Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs with Powerful 6mm Micro DD Unit

NF Audio is a premium high-resolution in-ear monitor brand from China. Founded back in 2014, NF Audio has created multiple successful pairs for music professionals as well as audio enthusiasts. They aim to design high-quality products at affordable prices. Today, NFAudio is introducing its latest pair of IEMs, meet the all-new NF Audio RA10. RA10 is launched as a debutant product from the “R” series which is a short form for Rules. NF Audio changes the rules of ergonomics, acoustics, and appearance with the latest series!!

NF Audio RA10-1

RA10 is launched officially for 49$, Know more about the pair here.

NF Audio RA10 houses their in-house developed 6mm micro dynamic driver unit. Equipped with a medium-rigidity, lightweight, and super strong Polymer diaphragm alongside a powerful NdFeb-based magnetic circuitry, the RA10 produces a powerful sound performance with amazing clarity throughout a wide frequency band. The pair responds to the 15Hz to 30kHz frequency band. RA10 reaches deep into the sub-bass region and extends well into the high-frequency band. With professional expertise, the pair has been tuned following the HRTF(Head-Correlation Transfer Function) frequency curve in an optimized diffused field as the core response. It complements different genres of music well with its presentation.

NF Audio RA10-2

After a deep study of huge data of ear samples, NF Audio has designed the ear shells of RA10 in a comfortable ergonomic shape and design. The pair is made up of high-quality polycarbonate material and is available in three stunning color options. NF Audio bundles the RA10 with a bunch of high-quality accessories including a 5N oxygen-free copper silver-plated cable and custom MS42 high-quality silicone ear tips.

NF Audio RA10-3

RA10 from NF Audio marks the debut of their latest “R” series in the international market. You can check out more information over here.

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