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Muse HiFi Power: Latest Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs with a large 14.5mm Ultra-thin Diaphragm

Muse HiFi Power: Latest Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs with a large 14.5mm Ultra-thin Diaphragm

Planar Drivers are becoming popular among IEM manufacturers. First, we had the amazing Tin HiFi P1 and P2 series of planar driver IEMs, then we got the Timeless from 7Hz followed by Shuoer’s S12, all of these IEMs became a huge success. Today, we are announcing a brand new Planar driver IEMs, the all-new Muse HiFi Power. It adopts a newly-developed high-efficiency 14.5mm planar driver. Muse HiFi Power delivers transparent sound with accurate imaging and low distortion with the help of a flat diaphragm, asymmetric magnetic circuit, and a custom-developed acoustic structure. The ear cavities for Muse HiFi Power have exquisite looks and design. They look like a gem, crafted with a high-precision CNC machined metallic frame combined with a medical-grade 3D printed cavity that also boasts beautiful hand-painted faceplates. Muse HiFi Power is launched worldwide at just 199$, check out more details here.

MUSE HiFi Power-1


>New flat-diaphragm 14.5mm planar magnetic driver.

>Muse HiFi exclusive correction technology.

>Balanced & Transparent sound tuning.

>Exquisite shell design.

>Developed in collaboration with Heygear.

>High-purity single-crystal copper+Silver-Plated Hybrid cable.

>High-quality accessories.

Technical Specifications:-

>Impedance: 32Ω.

>Driver Module: 14.5mm nanometer flat diaphragm planar magnetic driver.

>Frequency response range: 10Hz-40kHz.

>Plug Type: 3.5mm single-ended.

>Sensitivity: 106dB.

MUSE HiFi Power-2

Impressive Acoustic Performance With Planar Magnetic Driver:-

Muse HiFi Power packs a powerful performance all thanks to a large 14.5mm planar magnetic driver that features a flat diaphragm profile. The brand has specially designed the acoustic structure of the driver unit here with a nano-scale diaphragm and an asymmetric magnetic structure promising us a transparent sound tuning with ultra-low distortion. A true high-fidelity experience awaits us with the Muse HiFi Power.

Professional Adjustments For Unmatched Acoustic Performance:-

Muse HiFi has specially designed the acoustic chamber for the driver. The placement of the driver is also done using these professional adjustments in order to achieve an authentic high-res experience. Muse HiFI has also adjusted the pressure management on the front cavity to ensure a pure experience for the users.

MUSE HiFi Power-3

Exclusive Workmanship With Exquisite Design:-

Muse HiFi has given an exotic treatment to the cavities of Power. They have a metallic frame enclosing premium-looking hand-painted face covers and a 3D-printed medical-grade resin shell. Power has got a unique and beautiful design with an ergonomic lightweight shape. The pair simply fit perfectly without sacrificing anything on the sound quality front.

Developed In-Collaboration With Heygear:-

Muse HiFI has cooperated with Heygear, a well-known 3D printing company from China. They have used the “Crystal Process” that spares the internal acoustic structure and the shell while designing the cavity. The Muse HiFi Power shell is developed especially to get the best out of the Planar magnetic driver.

MUSE HiFi Power-4

High-Purity Litz Braided Cable:-

Muse HiFi Power comes with a high-purity Litz braided cable. It has 6N high-purity single-crystal copper cores mixed braided with single-crystal silver-plated copper cores. The cable has got Coaxial + Litz shielding structure that enables the cable to have a transparent sound profile with a robust build.

Pricing & Availability:-

Muse HiFi Power is launched officially for 199.99$. It is available to purchase with us at HiFiGo. Check out more details here.

Shipping Policy:-

1) 【Express】 FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide, 

2) 【Premium】5-8 Days , FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duties are prepaid by HiFiGo 

3) 【Priority】 1-2 weeks , All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo. 

Europe 30 Countries, FREE shipping on $300+.

US/CA/JP/AU/KR/MY/TH/VN/SG/PH, FREE shipping on $100+.

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