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Muse HiFi M4 Flagship Bluetooth DAC/AMP With Dedicated HiFi Architecture

Muse HiFi M4 Flagship Bluetooth DAC/AMP With Dedicated HiFi Architecture

In a short span of time, Muse HiFi has made a good reputation among audiophiles as a leading HiFi gear brand. The brand focuses on delivering quality products at affordable prices. They have released IEMs, and USB DAC/AMPs, each getting good and positive feedback from the community worldwide. Today, we are excited to bring you their latest product, the Muse HIFi M4. Muse HiFi M4 is the brand’s flagship Bluetooth USB DAC/AMP. Equipped with the latest-gen hardware, it offers smooth, lag-free Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity with High-Res transmission protocol support, dedicated USB DAC functionality, and many more features. The Muse HiFi M4 enhances your listening experience with its SSC Intelligent Switching technology. It comes equipped with 3.5mm+4.4mm+2.5mm headphone output options, with a dedicated headphone amp section to get a strong output through these ports for easy pairing with different IEMs and Headphones. One of the key features of the M4 is independent USB power and data input ports. It allows the user to charge and use the device as a USB DAC simultaneously.

Muse HiFi M4 is launched at an attractive price tag of 129.99$, you can check out more details here.

Take Your Music Wireless:-

Muse HiFi M4 is a high-resolution wireless Bluetooth and wired USB DAC/AMP. It’s equipped with Qualcomm’s latest QCC5125 Bluetooth chipset that provides the latest Bluetooth V5.1 connectivity on the device. It brings full support for high-resolution transmission codecs including LDAC, AptX HD, AptX LL, AptX Adaptive, SBC, AAC, etc. With the help of the QCC5125 chipset, we have strong and stable wireless Bluetooth connectivity. You will notice less lag during usage, and the latency and signal response are also better allowing you to easily use the M4 to watch movies or play video games as well without any audio delay issues.

High-Fidelity Audio Architecture:-

Muse HiFi M4 has a dedicated high-resolution audio decoding and amplification architecture. The M4 adopts ES9038Q2M as its core decoding chipset. It is a widely acclaimed 32-bit DAC that provides exceptional performance in decoding high-resolution audio signals. It supports high-resolution 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 audio signal decoding. We have a dedicated amp section as well for high-power audio signal amplification as well. The rated output power of M4 is up to 320mW per channel through the balanced output ports.

SSC Smart Intelligent Technology:-

Muse HiFi M4 features an in-house developed SSC intelligent switching technology. It manages the signal transmission within the device, like from Bluetooth to the DAC section to the amp and then finally to the dedicated output, or from the USB processor to the DAC to the amp and then finally to the output. It also manages the power management to different sections of the device. The result of SSC Intelligent Switching technology is that we get cleaner performance in both Wireless Bluetooth mode and wired USB DAC mode.

Seven Digital Filters:-

Muse HiFi M4 features seven digital audio filters that allow the user to adjust the output to their liking. The list includes Fast Roll-Off Linear Phase, Slow Roll-Off Linear Phase, Fast Roll-Off Minimum Phase, etc. Each of them has its own reverb and tone settings allowing you to play around and find your perfect sound. Switching the filters is easy, simply hold on to the main button on the device and the LED will start blinking. The number of times the LED indicator blinks denotes the active filter number.

Single-Ended & Balanced Both Supported:-

Muse HiFi M4 has three headphone output ports supporting both single-ended and balanced headphones without breaking a sweat. We have a 3.5mm single-ended output, a 4.4mm balanced, and a 2.5mm balanced output option. These are the most widely used termination types, You can literally use your IEMs and headphones with your choice of termination on the M4. It has two level gain adjustment as well for easy pairing with low-power requiring sensitive equipment or high-power requiring products.

Dual Independent USB Ports and Automatic USB DAC mode:-

Muse HiFi M4 features dual USB ports, an independent power port for charging and an independent data port for using the device as a USB DAC. It can be used as a USB DAC while charging the device at the same time. Muse HiFi M4 features automatic USB DAC mode. Whenever you connect it to a smartphone or tablet, it automatically switches into USB DAC mode where it utilizes 80% of its own power to ensure stable power and improved battery life of the source device.

Premium Finish With Transparent Front Panel:-

Muse HiFi is an exquisitely designed flagship-level product. The device has a metallic frame with a fully transparent front panel. Users can see through the internals, the neatly designed audio-circuitry of the M4 through this transparent front window. It is lightweight and ergonomic for easy carry around here and there.

Incredible Battery Performance:-

Muse HiFi M4 houses a large capacity 1100mAh battery that provides an incredible battery life to the device. It has a rated battery life of up to 8 hours while using the 3.5mm single-ended output and up to 7 hours while using the balanced(4.4mm or 2.5mm) output options.

Muse HiFi M4 is a flagship-level portable Bluetooth and USB DACAMP. It features not only a professional-grade Bluetooth chipset but also a dedicated HiFi DAC and AMP architecture to ensure a quality listening experience for its users. The M4 has an elegant build with comfortable ergonomics that makes this device an amazing choice for everyday carry. You can grab yours for just 129.99$, check out more information here.

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