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Moondrop SSR Back With A Bang

Moondrop SSR Back With A Bang

A few months back Moondrop released its budget pair of in-ear monitors, the Moondrop SSR(Super Starship Reference). This beautiful pair grabbed a lot of attention with its unique looks, smooth sound signature, and an attractive price tag. But recently after its release, Moondrop discontinued the SSR to update it on the basis of user impressions received. The SSR is a single dynamic driver IEM which has somewhat become a rarity among the vast influx of multi-driver IEMs. Regardless, audio purists welcome the single dynamic driver design in IEMs. And it was appreciated really well by the audiophiles. Now the SSR is back, in an all-new avatar. It has the same unique looks but now it is going to be available in three different colors, white, pink, and green. The pair still promises to deliver the same beautiful sound quality at the same price range but now users get an option to choose among different color options. It is available for 39.99$, you can check more details here.

Moondrop SSR-1


>Liquid Metal Alloy Housings.

>Beryllium Coated Dome+PU Suspension Ring Diaphragm.

>Impedance: 16Ohms.

>Sensitivity: 115dB.

>0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

>Silver-Plated 4N-Litz OFC.

Same Brilliant Sound, All-New Colours:-

The all-new Moondrop SSR offers the same brilliant sound output as it used to provide, new is the availability of units in multiple colors. It is now available in four different colors, White, Pink, Green, and Silver. It features a swiftly tuned single DD unit that provides the users with outstanding sonic performance.

Unique Design Liquid Metal Alloy Housings:-

The ear shells in Moondrop SSR have a different unique look. They don’t look like our traditional pair of IEM’s. The ear shells are made up of high-quality liquid alloy material which makes the pair lightweight and ergonomic. It provides users with a comfortable firm fit.

Moondrop SSR-2

The Moondrop SSR is surely back with a bang, we don’t think there was any issue with the sonic performance with the pair previously. Now we get to choose from brilliant looking different colors, and still available at 39.99$. If you are looking to grab a pair for casual listening with hi-res sound quality, look no further and grab the Moondrop SSR today.

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