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Moondrop SSP(Super Spaceship Pulse) Latest IEM Announced

Moondrop SSP(Super Spaceship Pulse) Latest IEM Announced

Moondrop is the leading in-ear monitors brand based in China. They are well known for their exquisitely built IEMs with outstanding sound tuning. Most of their products follow the VDSF tuning curve response which is based on the coveted diffuse field neutral curve. This tuning is pretty natural with precise minute detail retrieval. Just a few months back they released their budget pair of IEMs, the Moondrop SSR(Super Spaceship Reference). It instantly grabbed a lot of attention due to its unique looks and VDSF tuning response at just 39.99$.

Now, Moondrop has released a sister model to the highly appreciated Moondrop SSR, the latest pair is called Moondrop SSP(Super Spaceship Pulse). Earpieces here have the same design as the SSR model but they have a more premium looks with a matte finish. They house a beryllium coated dynamic driver unit on each side and provide a comfortable and firm fit. The Moondrop SSR follows Moondrop’s VDSF tuning curve while the SSP features an energetic output with better bass and warmer tonality than the SSR. The latest SSP is priced the same at 39.99$, check out more details here.

Moondrop SSP-1


>High-performance beryllium-coated dynamic driver unit.

>Immersive & energetic sound signature.

>High-resolution clarity.

>Unique design earpieces with an elegant matte finish.

>Universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors.

Technical Specifications:-

>Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz(IEC60318-4).

>Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz(1/4 inch free-field mic).

>Impedance: 16Ω.

>Sensitivity: 112dB/Vrms.

>THD+N: ≤ 1%.

>Diaphragm: Beryllium-coated Dome + PU Suspension Ring.

>Housing material: Liquid metal alloy housing.

>Coil: 0.035mm-CCAW(Daikoku).

>Acoustic filter: Patented anti-blocking filter.

>Magnetic circuit: N52-High Density Magnetic Circuit.

>Cable: Silver-plated 4N-Litz OFC.

Moondrop SSP-2

High-Performance Driver Unit:-

The Moondrop SSP is equipped with a high-performance dynamic driver unit. It has a premium configuration, beryllium-coated dome, PU suspension ring, Daikoku coil, and high-density magnetic circuit. All these ensure you get an amazing audio experience with low distortion, clean background, and high detail reproduction.

Tuned With Perfection:-

Moondrop SSP-3

One thing every Moondrop IEM has is its quality tuning. The Moondrop SSP is tuned to satisfy the musical hunger of its users with a high-resolution clarity and a natural tonality. The pair has an energetic output providing an immersive experience to its users. It has a quick, deep bass response, natural vocals, well-detailed instruments, and a wide soundstage.

Elegantly Built:-

The earpieces in SSP has the same design as the SSR model. The SSR got very good reviews worldwide for its comfortable and firm fit, the same goes for the SSP here. The difference here is that in SSP they look way more elegant and premium with a matte finish. The pair is available in a beautiful matte blue shade that looks simply brilliant.

Moondrop SSP-4

Easy To Drive:-

Moondrop SSP has a low impedance rating of 16Ω and high sensitivity of 112dB/Vrms. It is very easy to drive, users can enjoy high-resolution music at the ease of their smartphones without the need of any expensive gears.

Price & Availability:-

Moondrop SSP is priced at 39.99$, it is available to order from our store check out more details here. Shipments will begin shortly.

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