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Moondrop Quarks Gets All-New Type-C Variant: Moondrop Quarks DSP

Moondrop Quarks Gets All-New Type-C Variant: Moondrop Quarks DSP

Moondrop has redesigned the entry-level Quarks in-ear monitors with brand-new Quarks DSP. DSP stands for Digital Signal Processing, DSP chips are usually used in TWS and Type-C interfaces. Moondrop has designed the Quarks DSP with a Type-C interface, making it compatible with all the latest smartphones, laptops, and PCs straight out of the box. Moondrop has used the DSP technology to adjust the sound response of the Quarks and present the users with an improved sound performance.

Moondrop Quarks DSP-1

Moondrop Quarks is launched officially for 14.99$, more details here.

Quarks house a 6mm micro dynamic driver that produces a powerful sound performance. The driver here adopts a powerful neodymium magnetic circuit, polymer diaphragm, and CCAW voice coil. It has been placed precisely in a bullet-shaped transparent ear shell that has a double-damping structure design. The double-damping structure helps in reducing the blockage caused due to ear wax buildup. The ear shells have a closed-back structure with a lightweight bullet-shaped ergonomic design. Moondrop Quarks provide a super comfortable fit with a simple straight cable-down manner.

Moondrop Quarks DSP-2

Moondrop Quarks DSP is equipped with a high-quality MEMS microphone and an in-line media control key. The MEMS microphone captures your voice clearly enabling crisp voice transmission over calls and meetings. Quarks DSP is an easy-to-drive, High-fidelity single-dynamic driver in-ear monitor that packs a powerful sound performance and can be driven easily off a smartphone. It is launched officially for just 14.99$, you can check out more information here.

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