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Moondrop Presents Kato In All-New Dark Blue Color Variant

Moondrop Presents Kato In All-New Dark Blue Color Variant

Moondrop has released a new color variant for its famous “Kato” single-dynamic driver IEMs. Originally released back in 2021, Kato has been a highly-successful pair for Moondrop. Previously, the Moondrop Kato was available in Shining Silver and Matte Silver colors, now grab the awesome Moondrop Kato in the all-new Dark Blue color. With this new color option, there is no change in the price of the Kato, it can still be ordered for 189.99$, feel free to check out more information here.

Moondrop Kato Dark Blue-1

Looks like Moondrop Kato has got an all-new Avatar with the latest Dark Blue color option. Moondrop Kato Dark Blue adopts high-quality PVD Titanium Oxide Coating Treatment for a rich and premium finish.

The shells are crafted using a repeated hand-grinding process by professional engineers. The pair has got a great color visual presentation. With premium PVD Titanium Oxide coating, the shells have got better durability and show high resistance to corrosion. Similar to the Matte Steel variant, the Dark Blue Kato brings a rich experience for the users.

Moondrop Kato Dark Blue-2

Moondrop has just released the new Kato in this newly designed color option. The brand has kept the tuning and driver configuration the same as the original Kato packing a newly-developed ULT super linear dynamic driver that adopts a 3rd gen DLC composite diaphragm coil. It still features the main features of the OG Kato like an interchangeable sound nozzle, 3rd generation patented Anti-blocking acoustic filter, etc. Moondrop has tuned the new Kato following the VDSF target response same as the OG Kato.

Moondrop Kato Dark Blue-3

Moondrop Kato Dark Blue reignites the fire that the OG Kato brought with its outstanding sound performance. Similar to the Matte Steel Variant, the Dark Blue Kato has got exceptional looks. The pair is crafted using professional hand-grinding and then PVD Titanium Coating. There has been no change in the price for the Moondrop Kato Dark Blue, you can still grab this beauty for just 189.99$, check out more information here.

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