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Moondrop May: Brand New Dual-Driver Hybrid Online Interactive DSP IEMs

Moondrop May: Brand New Dual-Driver Hybrid Online Interactive DSP IEMs

Moondrop has just dropped the drapes from its latest product, the Moondrop May. Yeah, we have got a May in December. This is a dual-driver hybrid IEM with online interactive DSP functionality. Moondrop has designed the set with a unique dual-driver combination featuring a 10mm sapphire-plated DD unit with a 6mm annual Planar Magnetic driver unit. With the dual-driver setup along with the interactive DSP function, we have exceptional performance with unlimited tuning possibilities, a portable HiFi hub in the form of Moondrop May!!

Moondrop May-1

Moondrop May is launched officially for an attractive price of just $64.99, you can check out more information here.

May feature an interactive online DSP function. Moondrop has equipped the set with a high-performance DSP(Digital Signal Processing) chipset that enables easy high-fidelity performance supporting up to 32-bit/384kHz PCM audio signals. It integrates nicely with the Moondrop Link 2.0 application where we have five tuning presets on the set and users can play around with the EQ function and explore unlimited possibilities in tuning through the application. Users can also download EQ presets developed by other audiophiles and shared on the application. With its Type-C wired interface, Moondrop May provides zero delay in performance.

Moondrop May-2

Moondrop has equipped the May with a dual-driver hybrid setup. We have a 10mm Sapphire-Plated Diaphragm dynamic driver unit for a strong lower-end and accurate midrange while the high-frequencies are handled by a 6mm Planar Magnetic driver unit. With the help of its high-performance DSP chipset, the pair delivers quality sound with amazing clarity and ultra-low non-linear distortion throughout the wide frequency band response.

Moondrop May-3

Moondrop has years of experience in designing premium-quality in-ear monitors. They have a good reputation among the audiophiles for their exquisite craftsmanship as well. The latest May features luxurious ear shells that have an eye-catchy design on the face covers and 3D printed medical-grade resin material cavities. The wearing comfort, the isolation, and the overall listening experience with the Moondrop May are simply exceptional.

Moondrop May-4

With Moondrop’s amazing design and professionally adjusted implementation, we are pretty sure you will have a fantastic time with Moondrop May. Grab this stunning beauty for just $64.99. Check out more details here.

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