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Moondrop Launches Space Travel Bluetooth V5.3 TWS with Built-in ANC Function

Moondrop Launches Space Travel Bluetooth V5.3 TWS with Built-in ANC Function

In the Audiophile Space, Moondrop requires no introduction. The brand has been operational for years with an outstanding catalog of products ranging from pocket-friendly Portable USB DAC/AMPs to high-end flagship in-ear monitors, etc. Moondrop has some successful models in the TWS category as well, today we are proudly launching brand new TWS from the house of Moondrop, Presenting the all-new Moondrop Space Travel. The name of this set is really unique, Moondrop has taken design and name inspiration from the theme of Space and its exploration. The design reflects the dreams of humankind that want to explore the realms of the universe. Moondrop Space Travel TWS is designed to deliver impressive sound with its large dynamic driver unit, stable Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity, and ANC features.

Moondrop Space Travel-1

Moondrop Space Travel is priced very attractively at just 24.99$, check out more details here.

The Space Travel houses a large 13mm enhanced dynamic driver unit. This driver features a high-quality Titanium dome composite flexible suspension diaphragm. It provides enhanced sound with extended bass response and smooth treble extensions. With an imported CCAW voice coil and powerful Neodymium N52 magnet, we get a solid sound presentation with a cleaner full frequency band and less distortion in the output signal. Space Travel is tuned following Moondrop’s famous VDSF Tuning Curve promising quality sound with wide soundstage. Moondrop Space Travel also has a bass adjustment feature. Using Moondrop Link Application, users can adjust the bass response of the pair with three different levels, Monitor, Reference, and Basshead.

Moondrop Space Travel-2

Moondrop Space Travel has the latest Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity support. It enables smooth connectivity with a lag-free and stable connection to the source device. Moondrop Space Travel has two different operating modes. It features a low-latency gaming mode with 55ms signal latency, it also has a dedicated music mode with better resolution and clarity. Moondrop TWS has built-in ANC with up to 35dB isolation from the surrounding noises indulging you properly with your music.

Moondrop Space Travel-3

Moondrop Space Travel has easy-to-use simple touch functionality. It allows for audio playback controls, call answer/hangup controls, ANC On/OFF/Transparency mode control, and even helps in switches between the Music and Game-mode Operation. Space Travel looks unique with its stunning design theme. It packs a powerful sound with a large dynamic driver unit that has been enhanced with a titanium dome structure. Active Noise-Cancellation allows us to use the pair in noisy environments as well. Moondrop Space Travel brings a lot of features while going easy on the pocket. It is priced at just 24.99$, feel free to check more information here.

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