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Moondrop Launches DiscDream CD Player, Para Headphones, Dark Saber IEMs, and FreeDSP IEM Upgrade Cable

Moondrop Launches DiscDream CD Player, Para Headphones, Dark Saber IEMs, and FreeDSP IEM Upgrade Cable

Moondrop is a highly acclaimed brand in the international audio market. The brand has catered to a huge number of audiophiles over the years with its exclusive range of products. Earlier, Moondrop used to design and market in-ear monitors only, but in recent times we have seen them growing their branches out with full-sized headphones, IEM upgrade cables, portable DAC/AMPs, and more. Last weekend at the 17th Shenzhen International Audio Show, Moondrop announced four new products including a flagship-grade multi-driver Hybrid IEM, a portable HiFi CD Player, a Type-C DSP Cable, and full-sized planar magnetic driver Headphones. Let’s dive deep into the details of these new products by Moondrop.

Moondrop DiscDream: Premium HiFi CD Player!!

CD Players have a different charm for music lovers. Their vintage feel meets the modern design with the brand-new Moondrop DiscDream. It’s a premium HiFi CD player that uses top-quality components such as an Imported Japanese audiophile-grade CD drive motor chip, Premium CD Laserhead, etc. It even features a built-in CS43131 32-bit DAC for high-resolution audio signal decoding. Moondrop has launched the DiscDream for an attractive price tag of just 199$, you should definitely check it out here.

Moondrop DiscDream-1

With a premium CS43131 DAC chipset, the Moondrop DiscDream provides a smooth and rich sound signal decoding. It not only acts as a portable CD player but also has a built-in USB DAC function as well as a built-in MicroSD Card slot for digital media requirements. We also have an independent analog amplification circuit to provide a powerful output thrust. DiscDream has a strong 500mW output thrust, pretty solid for different IEMs and headphones.

Moondrop DiscDream-2

Moondrop has incorporated premium quality components on the DiscDream including Three NDK Audiophile-grade Crystal Oscillators, Six independent linear power supplies, Ruby Automotive-grade Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors, etc. All these premium components drastically improve the output and provide the listeners with an enjoyable music session.

With Moondrop’s exquisite craftsmanship, the Moondrop DiscDream is a fantastic CD Player to behold. it brings back vintage memories with proper CD playback and helps you enjoy your favourite music to its fullest. At a retail price of 199$, the DiscDream definitely looks fantastic!!

Moondrop Para: Large 100mm Full-Sized Planar Magnetic Headphones!!

Over the past few months, Moondrop has been developing full-sized Headphones at full speed. They have actually released several models as well out of which their Moondrop Venus has got some solid reviews as well. Coming today, Moondrop has come up with a brand new full-sized Planar magnetic driver Headphones, the Moondrop Para. Para adopts an ultra-large 100mm FDT Diaphragm Planar Magnetic Driver Unit. Even with such a large-sized driver, the pair has been designed with high-sensitivity and low-impedance design for easy driveability. Moondrop Para is launched officially for just 299$, check out more details here.

Moondrop Para-1

Moondrop Para adopts a high-damping Flexible Composite Diaphragm for its 100mm planar driver on the Para. The pair has a high-elastic pure silver etched circuit along with an N52 Magnet Array optimized by FEA Finite Element Analysis. The driver cavity has been optimized with a lightweight integrated cavity structure. You get a solid build with an outstanding sound on the Moondrop Para!!

Moondrop Para-2

The pair produces clear sound with ultra-low non-linear distortion. Moondrop has scientifically adjusted the tuning of the pair to deliver impressive sound clarity with a natural tone and Timbre. It’s an amazing pair of cans to own and enjoy good quality music!! Its 8Ω impedance and high sensitivity make it an easy-to-drive set which you can enjoy music anytime anywhere!! Moondrop Para is launched officially for an attractive price tag of 299$, you can check out more details here.

Moondrop FreeDSP: Premium Quality Type-C DSP Cable!!

Moondrop has been developing some premium-quality cables lately. They have released several different models for IEMs as well as Headphones. But today’s cable is different, the brand new Moondrop FreeDSP is a new optimized solution for portable wired HiFi. This new cable adopts an interactive DSP with a fully balanced audio design. It has a Type-C termination allowing you to use them directly with your smartphones, laptops, and PCs. It is launched officially for just 29.99$!!

Moondrop FreeDSP-1

The best part of the Moondrop FreeDSP is its interactive Online DSP profile. Users can adjust the performance of the cable using the Moondrop Link 2.0 application. It will allow the users to choose different tuning configurations, adjust the parametric equalizers, and download different configurations prepared by Moondrop and submitted by the users. You can also upload your preferences and let the world try what you created.

Moondrop FreeDSP-2

Moondrop FreeDSP adopts a four-layer gold-sinking circuit with high-precision components specially developed for professional-grade audio performance. It provides crystal clear decoding with ultra-low distortion of as low as 0.0008% and a large dynamic range of 120 dB. This cable is crafted using ODC and Silver-Plated wire cores in a mixed hybrid Litz braided structure. It also includes an in-line microphone whose routing is completely isolated from the audio signals. We also have three-key in-line control with a high-quality voice pickup microphone. The Moondrop FreeDSP adopts universal 2-pin 0.78mm connectors making the cable suitable for most IEMs in the market. Moondrop FreeDSP is launched officially for just 29.99$, feel free to check out more details here.

Moondrop Dark Saber: Flagship 2DD+8BA Driver IEMs!!

Moondrop has a long history of design and development of premium quality in-ear monitors. Today, we have the brand new Moondrop Dark Saber, a state-of-the-art luxury IEM handcrafted to perfection. The pair houses a premium 10-driver hybrid setup featuring dual dynamic drivers and eight high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. The pair is completely hand-crafted by professional technicians resulting in a flawless crystal-clear body and unique faceplates. Moondrop Dark Saber is launched officially for 799.99$, you can check out more details here.

Moondrop Dark Saber-1

The design inspiration for the Dark Saber is to fully restore punchy dynamic sound with a purely natural tone and timbre. To achieve this, Moondrop has featured a dual 10mm dynamic driver in Moondrop’s H.O.D.D.U.S(Horizontal Opposed Double Dynamic Driver System) arrangement where we have 2 10mm dynamic drivers placed in a horizontal manner in parallel to each other. This results in a strong lower-end response. To support this, we have a total of eight high-performance balanced armature drivers for crystal clear midrange and lovely treble-region response. The drivers have been adjusted with full-frequency phase consistency so that accurate sound is reproduced by the Dark Saber. It has a reference-grade sound quality that helps users enjoy different genres of music well. Moondrop has included a high-quality copper and silver-plated copper mixed hybrid Litz structure stock cable with an interchangeable termination plug system.

Moondrop Dark Saber-2

Moondrop Dark Saber brings extraordinary sound performance to the table. We have exceptional clarity, strong bass, and a lovely resolution, everything to deliver a true-reference-grade sound performance. This is the new flagship multi-driver hybrid from the house of Moondrop, and we all should look forward to this beautiful one. Moondrop Dark Saber is launched officially for 799.99$, you can check out more details and features here.

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