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Moondrop Introduces All-new Aria 2: Upgrading The Classic Single-DD IEM!!

Moondrop Introduces All-new Aria 2: Upgrading The Classic Single-DD IEM!!

Moondrop needs no introduction among the audiophiles. Both casual listeners, as well as serious audiophiles, have had a great experience with their wide array of products. Today, we are super excited to launch their brand-new single dynamic driver in-ear monitors, presenting the all-new Moondrop Aria 2. Moondrop Aria was one of the best-selling single DD IEMs around the 100$ price bracket. Aria 2 revamps the amazing performance of the OG Aria and takes it to another level of awesomeness. From an exclusive new build to a new-generation dynamic driver, enhanced pressure vent structure, and a new modular cable, we have got everything with the all-new Moondrop Aria 2. So, are you prepared to dive deeper into the world of Hi-Res audio with the Moondrop Aria 2???? Let’s know the pair better!!

Moondrop Aria 2-1

New-Generation Dynamic Driver Unit:-

Moondrop has featured a new generation dynamic driver unit on the Aria 2. The pair houses a patented dynamic driver structure featuring a high-quality TiN ceramic-coated dome structure and composite diaphragm. It has a symmetrical magnetic circuit along with a precisely crafted acoustic cavity resonance control system to achieve front-end linearity response. The resulting sound with the new Moondrop Aria 2 is exceptionally solid, it has enhanced vocal clarity and solid extended treble response. You will notice your music sounds cleaner and precise with ultra-low distortion.

Get Mesmerized With All-New Looks:-

Moondrop is a well-known name for its exquisite craftsmanship. They have a wide range of products each crafted with great excellence. They have upped their game with the all-new Aria 2 with exclusive CNC-Milled Zinc-Alloy ear cavities. The pair looks and feels absolutely premium. The front and back cavities are secured together using customized screws to eliminate adhesive ageing damage and make the pair durable and long-lasting. Along with these exclusive zinc-alloy ear shells, we also have a CNC-machined gold-plated brass nozzle. Moondrop has designed the nozzles with a swappable filter design. Users can easily open up the front of the nozzle and replace the filter whenever required.

Moondrop Aria 2-2

Newly-Developed Air-Pressure Vent Structure:-

Moondrop has worked on making the Aria 2 comfortable. They have worked and equipped the set with a newly developed off-centre diversion pressure vent structure design. This effectively counters the negative effect of the sound of proximity to the ear concha and presents the listeners with a comfortable wearing experience.

Moondrop’s Trusted Tuning:-

Moondrop has years of expertise in designing premium IEMs. They have carefully adjusted the tuning of the pair following their famous VDSF target response curve. It promises quality sound with enhanced vocals and ultra-low distortion performance. Its tuning has been adjusted by professional acoustic engineers to complement different genres of music well!!

Moondrop Aria 2-3

High-Quality Stock Cable With Modular Termination Design:-

Moondrop Aria 2 packs a brand-new stock cable. It’s a hybrid copper and silver-plated mixed cable in a Litz braided structure design. The cable has swappable termination plugs with 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced plugs included in the package. The pair adopts universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors making it compatible to upgrade or replace the cable in the future as well.

Moondrop Aria 2-4

Moondrop Aria 2 brings a noticeable upgrade over the OG Aria in every way possible. We have an exquisite new build along with new-generation patented dynamic driver structure, and new tuning, the price is still kept in control making the set available at just 89.99$. The pair is available to purchase now, feel free to order yours here.

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