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Moondrop Chu II DSP: Endless Possibilities With Digital Signal Processing Technology

Moondrop Chu II DSP: Endless Possibilities With Digital Signal Processing Technology

Moondrop is one of the most prominent names in the HiFi audiophile industry. Lately, they have focused in incorporating DSP(Digital Signal Processing) into their budget segment of IEMs. We got the Quarks DSP, JIU DSP, etc. Today, Moondrop launches a DSP variant for their latest launch Chu II, presenting you all the all-new Moondrop Chu II DSP. Moondrop released the Chu II a few months ago, the pair instantly became a sensation just like the OG Chu. Moondrop has completely revamped the Chu II with a new driver, new metallic shells, etc. Now we have also got Chu II DSP that unleashes the true potential of the pair with endless tuning possibilities, Type-C interface, and Moondrop Link 2.0 App integration!!

Moondrop Chu II DSP-1

Moondrop Chu II DSP is launched for $23.99, you can get yours here.

The biggest update with the Chu II DSP is its DSP integration. The standard model comes with a standard 3.5mm terminated cable, the Chu II comes with a Type-C terminated cable. With Type-C termination the pair can be connected to the Moondrop Link 2.0 application where users can explore endless tuning possibilities on the set. Moondrop Chu II DSP has three tuning settings developed by a team of experienced acoustic engineers. All three of these follow the VDSF target response curve. We have reference tuning, Default Tuning, and Bass Head Tuning. All three of these settings can be chosen using the Moondrop Link 2.0 Application. Users can also make their own EQ settings in the app and share them with everyone in the world.

Moondrop Chu II DSP-2

Moondrop Chu II DSP houses a new-generation dynamic driver unit. The pair features an Aluminum-Magnesium alloy dome diaphragm. It has a strong, rigid, stable diaphragm material that provides cleaner sound output with low distortion and wide extensions as well. With professional tuning adjustments, the Moondrop Chu II promises high-quality sound output with clear sound reproduction, refined details, ultra-low non-linear distortion, etc. Moondrop Chu II DSP features high-quality metallic alloy-casted ear shells. They have a finely textured finish. The ear shells have a durable paint layer that protects the shell from oxidation and provides it with a premium finish.

Moondrop Chu II DSP-3

Moondrop Chu II DSP also features a Brass CNC machined nozzle. It not only gives a robust build to the pair but also gives a rich and natural touch to the sound output. Moondrop Chu II DSP also has a swappable nozzle filter that can be replaced whenever required. Moondrop includes a high-quality detachable stock cable. This cable has 0.78mm two-pin connectors and USB Type-C termination. It also has an in-line microphone for easy calls and meetings.

Moondrop Chu II DSP-4

Moondrop Chu II unlocks endless possibilities in Tuning and sharing with the Moondrop Link 2.0 and DSP integration. DSP is slowly growing up and is there in the budget category now. We are super excited to try out the different possibilities that Moondrop Chu II DSP brings us. It is launched officially for $23.99; you can check out more details here.

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