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Moondrop announces SSR - New Neutral Budget IEM!!

Moondrop announces SSR - New Neutral Budget IEM!!

Moondrop is a Chinese IEM manufacturer that has garnered much attention lately within the IEM community. This is mainly because of its latest Harman-tuned IEM, the $109 Starfield.

The Harman Target Curve is a Unique tool to measure and predict the audio quality of earphones. We can define it as “A preferred earphone frequency response that mirrors the perceived tonal balance of an accurate loudspeaker in a reference listening room”.

Using Harman Target Curve, Acoustic Engineers can predict how listeners would rate the overall sound quality of the earphones. Therefore, the popularity of the Starfield was not surprising, rather predicted.

Moondrop’s new SSR reveal comes after months of research & development. The company has been slowly providing information about it on their media platforms. The SSR is their latest engineering breakthrough.


Known for their Harman tuned IEMs, Today Moondrop pushed the envelope of budget-IEM even further. According to the company, The SSR is an upgrade to the previous Spaceship that has undergone a few tweaks. 

Moondrop designed a unique housing for the SSR. Despite its artistic look, the ergonomic design assists in easy insertion and removal of the earpiece. Therefore, ensuring a proper fit while maintaining the highest sound quality.

Even though it looks small, it’s actually quite hefty. additionally, the new SSR also has a detachable cable. Something we rarely see in budget IEMs.


The SSR is a single dynamic driver IEM. Unlike the ubiquitous multi-hybrid designs. Moondrop instead used a single (Beryllium-coated dome) driver for this neutrally tuned IEM.

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency Range:  20Hz–20000Hz (IEC60318-4)                                                                                    20Hz – 40000Hz (1/4 Free-Field Mic)
  • Diaphragm: Beryllium-Coated Dome + PU suspension ring
  • Housing material: Liquid metal alloy
  • THD: ≤ 1%
  • Cable: 24 AWG Litz 4N OFC
  • Cable connectors: 0.78 2-pin
  • Sensitivity: 115dB/Vrms (@1khz)
  • Impedance: 16Ω (@1khz)
  • Coil: φ 0.035mm-CCAW [Daikoku]
  • Acoustic Filter: Patented Anti-Blocking Filter.

Why beryllium?

Beryllium drivers have been around for a long time now. However, speaker manufacturers have been using it for a long time. As a material, Beryllium has the right combination of weight and stiffness/rigidity. Its lightness allows the diaphragm to move. Its stiffness prevents the drivers from distorting because of over flexing.

Sound Characteristics:

The acoustic engineers at Moondrop tuned the new SSR according to the diffuse field sound target. Therefore, the sound signature should be fairly neutral.
The single-driver design provides has a very resolving and neutral sound signature.

The Beryllium-coated diaphragm, according to Moondrop, improves the sound by offering more detail retrieval and improved tonality. As a result, the sound should be fun, dynamic, and highly resolving.

According to the officially released frequency graphs, we should expect a neutral tuning that has a flat, non-accentuated bass, clear mids, and non-offensive highs. The result is a fun, dynamic, highly resolving listening experience.


Just like the Spaceship, the SSR comes with a bag of accessories that includes the following.

  • Detachable 0.78 2 pin cable.
  • 3 Pairs of silicone ear tips (S, M, L)
  • Carrying case


Moondrop also hinted about an upcoming version called (SSP). The SSP stands (Super Spaceship Pulse). and should have a slightly more bass response.
Moondrop has not yet announced the launch date of its upcoming SSP.

The Moondrop SSR will retail for $39.99.
You can order the Moondrop SSR here.

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