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Moji Monica Lostland Premium 4-Driver Hybrid IEMs

Moji Monica Lostland Premium 4-Driver Hybrid IEMs

In this exciting HiFi Audio industry, we are committed to bringing you new and innovative products. The world is changing rapidally and technology is developing at an even faster rate. We have always kept up with the trend bringing new and updated products to keep the spark alive. Today, we are proudly launching the all-new Moji Monica Lostland, a premium four-driver hybrid IEMs from a new name. Moji Monica is a fairly new name in the industry. The brand was founded back in 2020, with a primary focus on delivering premium sound with designer in-ear monitors. Their latest launch, the Moji Monica Lost Land is a beautifully crafted pair of in-ear monitors with one of its kind looks. Enjoy your favourite melodies with the stylish new Moji Monica Lostland!!

Moji Monica Lostland-1

Moji Monica Lostland starts at 519$ for the Platinum Edition. The Gold Edition is priced at 559$. Check out more information here.

Moji Monica Lostland brings us a premium driver setup promising top-quality sound performance. The pair houses a four-driver hybrid setup featuring a 10mm DLC diaphragm Dynamic driver, two high-performance balanced armature drivers, and one piezo-electric ceramic driver unit on each side. With professional tuning adjustments, these drivers are tuned to deliver a highly-coherent sound which has fast, snappy lower-end response, accurate midrange reproduction, and extended treble response.

Moji Monica Lostland-2

Moji Monica Lostland IEMs are designed elegantly. The pair is available in two stunning colour options. The Platinum edition showcases nobility and purity while the Gold edition has a premium gold-coloured finish. Both the variants adopt emerald finish ceramic-like face covers which give an eye-catchy design to the pair. They are exquisitely crafted for a premium in-hand experience. With an ergonomic shape, the pair fits perfectly and promises great wearing comfort for the users.

Moji Monica Lostland-3

Moji Monica bundles the Lostland with a high-purity silver-plated single-crystal copper cable for smooth signal transmission. This cable adopts standard 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and a 3.5mm single-ended termination plug. Moji Monica Lostland has a unique charm to the set that makes it charming both in terms of looks and sound. Experience enriching sound with an exciting jewellery-like look of the Lostland. The pair starts at 519$, more information is available here.

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