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Meet The All-New Audirect Atom 3: Latest Portable USB DAC/AMP With Premium ESS Sabre DAC Chipset

Meet The All-New Audirect Atom 3: Latest Portable USB DAC/AMP With Premium ESS Sabre DAC Chipset

Audirect has released a brand new Portable USB DAC/AMP, presenting the all-new Audirect Atom 3. As a successor to the Atom 2, the Atom 3 here is a tiny package with massive sound characteristics. With top-quality features such as a premium ESS Sabre DAC Chipset, high-quality Panasonic capacitors, and a low-power management chipset, Atom 3 brings us a complete HiFi package in a compact form factor. Experience top-quality audio performance with your smartphone by just adding the Audirect Atom 3 to your portable chain.

Audirect Atom 3-1

Audirect Atom 3 is launched officially for just 46.99$. It comes in two different variants, Lightning Connect, and Type-C Connector.

ESS Sabre DACs are widely acclaimed for their crisp high-resolution audio signal decoding performance. Audirect has trusted ESS’s ES9280AC Pro mobile DAC chipset for the Atom 3. It delivers the quality output with lower distortion, high SNR, and high DNR ratings. You get to listen to your favorite music with all-new clarity and resolution with the Atom 3. It supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals with the connected source device. With the help of high-quality Panasonic capacitors on the audio circuitry, Audirect Atom 3 aims to deliver a rich tone and crisp clarity with lower distortion in the output signal.

Audirect Atom 3-2

Audirect Atom 3 houses a 3.5mm single-ended headphone output. It has adaptive impedance support, supporting IEMs, and Headphones with 16Ω to 600Ω impedance ratings. It automatically adjusts the output level based on the impedance of the connected transducer. Atom 3 has got an output power rating of 62mW at 32Ω of load. Audirect has featured a low-power management chipset on the Atom 3. This effectively reduces the power draw from the connected source devices and ensures smooth operation with low power requirements. Audirect Atom 3 also features a small LED near the headphone jack that glows in different colors based on the active signal bitrate.

Audirect Atom 3-3

Atom 3 is a well-built product. It is available in both Type-C and Lightning connector variants, Using a Type-C connection port you can also use the Atom 3 with Nintendo Switch gaming console. Atom 3 is launched officially for 46.99$, you can check out more information here.

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