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Matrix Audio Introduces Mini-i 4 Desktop Streamer With ES9039Q2M ESS 32-Bit DAC

Matrix Audio Introduces Mini-i 4 Desktop Streamer With ES9039Q2M ESS 32-Bit DAC

Matrix Audio has proudly introduced an upgrade to its Mini-i series of devices with the official launch of Mini-i 4 today. Mini-i 4, as evident from the name, is the fourth generation of the series and it brings some new and refreshing features to the series as well such as network streaming capabilities, Analog RCA Input, HDMI Arc Input, Touchscreen Display, etc. Matrix Audio has also featured the latest generation ES9039Q2M DAC chipset for high-resolution audio signal decoding. The device comes with Roon Ready support(certification under processing) straight out of the box, you get full Roon functionality on your Mini-i 4!! It is a music streamer for desktops with a built-in audio decoder that helps you get top-quality sound performance at your desktop chain!!

Matrix Mini i 4-1

Matrix Audio Mini-i 4 is launched officially for 649.99$, you can check out more information here.

It’s Not Just A DAC:-

Matrix Audio Mini-i 4 is not just another desktop DAC, it is also a fully capable network streamer with support for all leading hi-resolution platforms including Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay, etc. It also has Roon application support for easy access to your entire Roon library right at the Mini-i 4(certification is under processing). It also has World Radio access, Network drive access with NAS server support, and USB drive access as well. Combined with the digital audio playback and streaming capabilities of the MA Player and MA Remote Controller Application, Mini-i 4 is a standalone device that brings access to a whole world of music.

Matrix Mini i 4-2

Latest-Generation ESS Sabre Decoding Chipset:-

Matrix Audio Mini-i 4 comes equipped with the latest generation ES9039Q2M DAC Chipset. It provides exceptional audio decoding characteristics with class-leading SNR performance and ultra-low distortion in the output signal. The Mini-i 4 supports high-resolution audio signal decoding supporting native DSD, 768kHz bitrate PCM, and full MQA signals as well

MA Player Application & Controller MA Remote Application Support:-

Developed by Matrix Audio, the MA Player application is a high-fidelity digital Audio playback and streaming application available on smartphones and tablets. The Mini-i 4 is fully integrated with the MA Player application that helps you access different functionalities such as Roon Ready(Certification under processing), DLNA, UPnP, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Tidal Connect support. It brings full high-resolution audio signal decoding and streaming to your network.

Matrix Mini i 4-3

Works With TV & Projectors:-

Access high-resolution audio quality on your TV and Projectors with the Mini-i 4 as the streamer features HDMI Arc input. It also allows you to connect other devices in the chain such as CD players, etc with S/PDIF input and RCA analog input. The RCA input has a three-level adjustable gain for easy input adjustment.

Large Touchscreen Display & Compatibility With RM5 Remote Control:-

Matrix Audio Mini-i 4 is easy to use and access different functions and settings. The device has a large 3.46” LCD touchscreen display that helps the user easily access and adjust different functions and settings on the device. It works well with the MA Remote application available on smartphones and tablets, you can also purchase RM5 remote control for easy access(available separately).

Matrix Mini i 4-4

Price & Availability:-

Matrix Mini-i 4 is launched officially for 649.99$, it is available with us, you can check out more details over here.

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